Poor Mitch McConnell just keeps flailing away


The Senate Republican “Leader” continues to SCRAMBLE for a theme that might make sense to the American people:

McConnell had already proposed shifting all the responsibility to the White House by offering a plan that would that would let the administration make cuts and hike the debt ceiling in increments, with Congress having the right to say no only if super majorities object.

McConnell got hammered by Tea Party activists for trying to “abdicate” his responsibility, but he made plain in a radio interview Wednesday that the object was to duck political blame for the budget crisis — which he suspected would land on his side.

He made the case again on the Senate floor Thursday morning, arguing the crisis was not sparked by the GOP’s unprecedented decision to link future spending cuts to paying past debts — which Obama embraced — but by the President’s unwillingness to accept the Republican demands.

Meanwhile, a NEW POLL I mentioned in passing earlier today indicates bad news for McConnell and his fellow Republicans with regard to the debt crisis:

Voters would blame congressional Republicans more than the Obama administration if the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling is not raised, according to a new poll released Thursday by Quinnipiac University.

Forty-eight percent of those polled said Republicans would be mainly responsible if the debt ceiling is not raised, compared to 34 percent who said the Obama administration.

 No wonder, then, that McConnell produces a new cockamamie theory with each passing day.


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