Barack Obama used the C-word six times last night, but John Boehner used it not even once

In his televised address to the nation on the debt crisis last night, President Obama mentioned “compromise” half a dozen times.

In his response to the president, House Speaker John Boehner studiously avoided that same word altogther — despite polls showing that the vast majority of Americans favor a compromise to resolve the stalemate (see HERE).

Boehner shuns the C-word because he knows that the Tea Party extremists who rule the roost in his House caucus hate the term with the white-hot intensity of a million suns. He fears that any mention of compromise on his part will result in a far-right challenge to his bid for re-election next year.

The guy is one of the great political cowards of our time.



  1. Taylor Grant


    The sad part is that you think that the “C” word is a good thing.

  2. Taylor Grant: The truly sad part is that people like you think that compromise is NOT a good thing.

    America was created on the principle of compromise. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were both adopted in a spirit of compromise. The Founding Fathers were not in complete agreement on the terms and points in either document, but they eventually compromised.

    The old saying that “politics is the art of compromise” has been a prevailing principle throughout American history. Without compromise, progress would never have been possible, and many of the challenges that have faced our nation would never have been met.

    Yes, there are certain core principles on which Americans should never compromise. But politicians who reflexively disdain the C-word can rightly be said to be extremists. Such are the zealots who frighten John Boehner to the point that he dare not even mention compromise.

  3. Taylor Grant: One other thing:

    Upon reflection, I’m not surprised that you espouse such an inflexible philosophy.

    After all, you’re the same guy who once implied here that the top enlisted man in the Marine Corps was lying when he expressed support for repeal of the ban on gays serving openly in the military. You even called him a “political hack.”

    You’re the same guy who has referred to gays as “sodomites,” a favorite term among homophobic bigots, and accused them of “destroying the country.”

    You’re the same guy who accused those who are “unabashedly liberal” (a term I use just below the masthead of this blog) of harboring a “hatred of God.”

    And you’re the same guy who, despite your own vicious rhetoric, faulted me for making “ad hominem” attacks on you.

    So, you’re a compromiser after all, Taylor. You compromise the basic standards of decency and tolerance.

    Shame on you.

  4. thinker 1

    your little space in the RRSTAR is almost as boring as your radio program was. {no doz required} If it weren’t for your wife’s pull at the RRSTAR, the only job you could find in the whole town would be incoming clothes sorter at the Good WILL store.Obama isn’t going to comprise with anyone. You may not want to remember that he and his cronies Pi&&ed away a trillion dollars paying back his election donors


    I’m sure Mr. Boehner is a nice man who was given a job just too big for him by his fellow Republicans.
    It takes a well rounded individual to be able to compromise on issues and make everyone involved feel they have been heard and got something from the deal. Boehner couldn’t deal with this President nor his own radical Tea Party Republicans to make something happen everyone could live with when he had many months to accomplish the task.
    If this were one of those kids awards for just showing up to play, than Boehner certainly deserves his trophy. He attended all the games but wasn’t up to making the plays that scored for the team USA or brought an A-game that will stand out and be remembered.

  6. thinker 1 writes: “If it weren’t for your wife’s pull at the RRSTAR, the only job you could find in the whole town would be incoming clothes sorter at the Good WILL store.”

    But I’m not married. Nor was I ever married to the former executive editor of the RRSTAR, if that is to whom thinker 1 is referring.

    Putting it another way, thinker 1 should think again.

  7. Neftali

    According to the most recent CBO score cards, Harry Reid’s plan actually reduces deficits more than Boehner’s plan. Unbelievable. Now we know why the Tea Party people are upset with Boehner. His plan is an embarrassment to the party. ugh. Is it too early to start drinking?

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