Which cable news outfit gives the most coverage to Republican presidential candidates?

You readers who are smarter than most already have figured out that the ANSWER to the question in the headline is counterintuitive, else I wouldn’t have posed it, right?

The rest of you should find some other blog to visit, one that better suits your limited cognition.




  1. expdoc

    Here’s one for your limited cognition Mr. C.

    Riddle me this? If Scott Walker and the Republicans committed such a grievous crime against humanity with their budget reform this year (by limiting collective bargaining for some public employee unions) why are the Democrats not using that to try and win the recall elections for the state senate? Are they stupid or were they lying?


  2. expdoc

    Wait, let me answer the question. The truth is they think the voters are stupid. They are running ads that bemoan the damage the balanced budget is doing to school children in the state when in fact the vast majority of school districts in the state are BETTER off than under the huge deficits run up by Doyle and the Democrats.

    In addition, they are trying to get voters to believe that a state senator has the ability to “do away with medicare as we know it”? They are focusing on Paul Ryan’s medicare plan in the state senate race! Sadly that kind of fear mongering is the best they can do.


  3. expdoc

    More amusing tidbits from the Journal Sentinel.

    The teacher’s unions who claimed that they would go along with Governor Walker’s new budget and contribute to their pensions and healthcare in order to “help the kids” were willing to do that right up until the point that they didn’t have to do so. The Milwaukee school board rushed through a new contract with the Milwaukee teacher’s union and didn’t get all the concessions they could have even though they knew that budget cuts were required to balance the state budget. The result? Hundreds of jobs lost and the very kids they love so much having less access to services.

    The only good news is that this current vote was so close. It seems the union membership is beginning to understand just how poorly they have been represented by the union leaders.


    In December, the Milwaukee School Board and MTEA agreed to a four-year contract through June 2013 that had employees paying a larger share of their health care costs than they had before. Under the agreement, teachers would pay 1% or 2% of their salary toward the health care premium. The district said it expected to save an estimated $45 million to $50 million over the next two years of the agreement as a result.

    According to the agreement, teachers would receive no pay increase in the first year, but in the second year they would receive a 3% increase in a lump sum, and in years three and four they would have pay increases of 2.5% and 3%, respectively.

    Milwaukee teachers do not contribute any part of their salary toward their pension.

    In recent months, MPS has estimated that if Milwaukee teachers reopened the contract and agreed to a 5.8% pension contribution, the saving would be enough to pay the salaries and benefits of about 200 teachers.

    Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said Thursday that decisions in Madison have created unfortunate fiscal realities for local units of government and school districts. But, he said, children would suffer the most from the decision not to bring more teachers back to the classroom by way of concessions.

  4. Here’s one for your limited cognition, doc:

    Riddle me this? If Scott Walker and the Republicans achieved such a great victory for the people of Wisconsin by limiting collective bargaining for some public employee unions, why isn’t the GOP using that issue to win the recall elections for the state senate? Here’s a link to a story that says the Republicans aren’t trumpeting their great victory over the unions:


  5. doc: One other thing:

    Why don’t you save all this crap for a post that actually has something to do with this subject?

    And then, on that occasion, we can discuss wagers on the recall elections of Aug. 9, which apparently don’t look too rosy for your union-busting buddies.

  6. expdoc

    The Republicans are rightly trumpeting what they did accomplish, a balanced (nay surplus) budget, without raising taxes (already some of the highest in the nation) and all the while allowing preservation of services.

    I think I’ll vote for them again the next time I get a chance. They actually did what they said they were going to do.

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