As speaker of the House, John Boehner is less politically skillful than Nancy Pelosi was

Ezra Klein offers a COMPARISON that might not occur to the casual political observer:

 When Nancy Pelosi served as Speaker of the House, her job was conditioning her members for disappointment. It was Pelosi who had to bring them around to a Senate-designed health-care law that lacked a public option, a cap-and-trade bill that gave away most of its permits, a stimulus that did too little, a bank bailout that endangered their careers. Pelosi had to do that because, well, that’s what the speaker of the House has to do. To govern is to compromise. And when you’re in charge, you have to govern.

Lately, Boehner has not been governing. After he failed to pass a conservative resolution to the debt crisis without Democratic votes, he should have begun cutting the deals and making the concessions necessary to gain Democratic votes. That, after all, is what he will ultimately have to do. It’s what all this is supposed to be leading up to.

But Boehner went in the opposite direction. He made his bill more conservative. He indulged his members in the fantasy that they wouldn’t have to make compromises.



  1. Maybe so, but I bet he can drink her under the table.

  2. Jerry: Please refrain from any implications that Boehner is a heavy drinker, which is not an established fact. I’ve tried to keep this blog free from rumors about the private lives of politicians, except in cases where there is clear evidence that their personal peccadilloes have affected the performance of their public duties. I know of no such evidence regarding Boehner.

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