Is Sarah Palin jealous of Michele Bachmann?

I see HERE that Sarah Palin will steer that goofy bus tour of hers into Iowa this weekend, presumably just to siphon off for herself some of the excitement over the Ames Straw Poll and the other political goings-on in the Hawkeye State.

Palin’s efforts to stay in the public spotlight are becoming pretty pathetic. Frankly, I think she’s jealous of Michele Bachmann, who has stolen from her the crown as the reigning queen of far-right Republicanism.

Palin’s not a candidate for president and won’t likely become one, as I see it. She probably knows that she would be out of her element alongside even the likes of Bachmann.  But she so clearly longs to be begged to get into the race — and that simply isn’t happening, at least not to any appreciable extent. Sarah’s core constituency seems perfectly satisfied with Michele.

So, here she is, pulling into Iowa where the Republican spotlight currently is focused and figuratively standing atop her tour bus shouting: “Look at me! Look at me! I’m still here!”

UPDATE: Incidentally, in a Fox News poll released just today, 75 percent of respondents said Palin would not make a good president, while only 19 percent said she would. Even Republican respondents were more likely than not (58 percent 34 percent) to consider Palin poor presidential material.

By comparison, the overall numbers for Bachmann were 50 percent negative and 22 percent positive. Among Republican respondents, they were 35 percent negative and 40 percent positive.



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