A liberal embraces states’ rights

I don’t necessarily agree with everything Froma Harrop says HERE, but I think it merits your consideration:

[S]ome states allow gay marriage, some civil unions, some domestic partnerships (similar to civil unions) and some none of the above. Both Washington state and Oregon ban same-sex marriage while permitting domestic partnerships. But gay couples wanting full marriage can tie the knot on the tribal land of the Suquamish in Washington’s Kitsap County or of the Coquille in Coos Bay, Ore. Both tribes have legalized same-sex marriage.

Opinions that reflect local conditions often contradict the partisan stereotypes attached to them. Gun rights are supposed to be a conservative passion, but fairly liberal Maine recently eased its gun laws. Maine is largely rural with a strong hunting tradition and relatively little crime. Practical considerations ruled the day. One of the most left-leaning states, Vermont (also rural), has among the most lax gun laws in America.

Many pro-choice people, your author included, would not be dismayed were Roe v. Wade overturned. Letting the states make their own abortion law would release our national politics from a never-ending war between irreconcilable views. One fewer area for strife in a presidential election should be welcome.


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