Michele Bachmann says Eastern earthquake and hurricane signaled God’s disapproval of federal spending

When a person of Michele Bachmann’s unrivaled piety offers an explanation like THIS on the Sabbath, of all days, it behooves the rest of us to pay attention, lest we fail to recognize her unique qualifications to be our next president.

UPDATE: THIS GUY wants Bachmann to explain what God has been saying with certain other recent disasters He has visited upon America — like the drought in Texas, the tornado in Joplin, Mo., and perhaps most importantly the floods and tornadoes in Bachmann’s own state of Minnesota.

UPDATE II: A spokesperson for Bachmann’s presidential campaign SAYS she was just joking with her reference to God and the earthquake and hurricane.

This raises the question, of course, of whether Bachmann has been joking about God in the rest of her countless references to Him. I mean, how can we know when she’s just kidding around about religion?



  1. Roedy Green

    Michele Bachmann has repeatedly demonstrated a grasp of science inferior to that of the average second grader. If she thinks tectonic plates have nothing to do with earthquakes and CO2 emissions nothing to with global warming and extreme weather it would be entertaining to ask her how elevators work, where milk comes from, and the genesis of babies. Presumably, in her view, God, like an incompetent executive, has to micromanage it all.

  2. dogrescuer

    Are there ANY current Republican presidential candidates who, if elected, wouldn’t attempt to turn our government into a theocracy?

  3. There’s at least one candidate who wouldn’t, and that’s Ron Paul.

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