Jon Stewart sharply skewers Obama on Solyndra scandal

It isn’t nearly as significant as when iconic TV newsman Walter Cronkite turned against Lyndon Johnson’s Vietnam War in 1968, but neither is it negligible that liberal political satirist Jon Stewart is now roundly mocking the Obama administration for what is known as the Solyndra scandal.

Stewart, whose comedic take on current events usually makes more sense than most of the thumb-sucking analyses offered by pundits who take themselves so seriously, delivered a devastating assessment last night of the mess in which President Obama finds himself with respect to the centerpiece of his green jobs initiative.

If you’re not familiar with the Solyndra matter, there’s no point in my setting the table for you. Stewart fully and hilariously explains the issue in the 8-minute segment you’ll find at THIS RIGHT-WING WEB SITE, which is only too happy to pass it along.

UPDATE: HERE‘s an up-to-date guide on the Solyndra scandal.


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  1. Milton Waddams

    I have nothing to add to this except LMFAO.

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