Republican Party’s thank-America-last crowd emerges in wake of Moammar Gadhafi’s death

Republican politicians who wouldn’t congratulate Barack Obama if he cured cancer are showing their usual colors in response to the death of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, as we see HERE:

Sen. Marco Rubio [above] appeared on Fox News this morning to respond to reports of Moammar Gadhafi’s demise. His first instinct wasn’t to thank American troops, but rather, to thank French troops.

“Today’s not a day to point fingers,” the right-wing Florida senator said. “I’m glad it’s all working out. Ultimately this is about the freedom and liberty of the Libyan people. But let’s give credit where credit is due: it’s the French and the British that led in this fight, and probably even led on the strike that led to Gadhafi’s capture, and, or, you know, to his death.


Remember hearing about the “blame America first” crowd? Well, say hello to the “thank America last” crowd.

Rubio, by the way, isn’t the only member. In August, when Gadhafi’s government fell, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham  issued a joint statement in which the Republicans commended the “British, French, and other allies, as well as our Arab partners, especially Qatar and the UAE.” McCain and Graham eventually said Americans can be “proud of the role our country” played, but nevertheless condemned the administration’s “failure” to act the way the GOP senators wanted.

Republicans hate the president so much, they just can’t bring themselves to credit him for the success of the mission, or even thank American servicemen and women for their service in completing the mission.

ADDENDUM: And then there are the FIVE POSITIONS Mitt Romney has taken with regard to Libya — most of them critical of Obama:

Have you had any difficulty discerning Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney’s precise position on the US involvement in the NATO mission in Libya?

The one consistency has been criticism of President Obama.

But beyond that, he’s seemed a bit all over the Libyan map.

UPDATE: After his appearance on Fox News this morning, where he thanked the French and the British for the Libyan operation, Sen. Rubio issued a STATEMENT in which he finally got around to giving credit to the Americans, as well.



  1. Here is Rubio’s official statement:

    “Justice has been done today,” said Rubio. “For decades, Muammar Gadhafi terrorized the Libyan people, bankrolled international terrorism and spread instability among its neighbors. He masterminded numerous terrorist attacks that resulted in the death of hundreds of fellow Americans. We are impressed with the tenacity of the Libyan people in reclaiming their freedoms and honor the service of American and NATO forces that courageously assisted on this endeavor. Gadhafi has now joined the list of failed and disgraced tyrants that have faced justice from their own people. We still have a long and arduous road ahead as we partner with the free Libyan people to build a more prosperous and democratic future.”

  2. doc: It’s my guess that Rubio issued that statement after getting heat for what he said on Fox News. His first impulse was to thank the Brits and French — and to criticize Obama. He made no mention at first of American military forces.

  3. Serious question, what did American forces do to aid in the capture of Gadhafi?

  4. Seems like we may have helped with a predator drone. However, even the President doesn’t seem to be taking primary responsibility for this action and he is the Commander in Chief….


    Without putting a single U.S. service member on the ground, we achieved our objectives and our NATO mission will soon come to an end,” he said.

    The president was unsparing in his description of Gadhafi. He said the Libyan “ruled the people with an iron fist, basic human rights were denied, innocent civilians were detained, beaten and killed. Terror was used as a political weapon.”

  5. So upstanding of the entire Republican Senate that they can not say thank you to our American troops who also flew missions there for the last year.

  6. doc: American forces seem not to have been directly involved in the capture of Gadhafi, but the U.S. military played an important role last March in aiding the Libyan uprising by firing hundreds of Tomahawk missiles that disrupted Gadhafi’s military and sent his regime into a tailspin that ended with his death. It was the United States that provided most of the firepower and command direction for “Operation Odyssey Dawn” on Day 1 of the multinational conflict.

  7. 18-29 year old

    Obama is a lot like Obama’s description of Bush, except it wasn’t really accurate about Bush. I thought that he was pro-peace? I guess that it just doesn’t matter to the “anti-war, anti-Bush” left when it’s Obama. I hope that your President runs like Bush, since most Americans just don’t care. We’re waiting for a recovery, not more irrelevant foreign engagements. Because of this engagement, in the future no President will consult with or seek the approval of Congress to start a war. I hope that you are really happy, “peace” prize lovers.

  8. Just as happy as can be, thank you for asking.

    Since when did it make a difference which one of the three working together flying the missions hit that target that no one knew for sure was the leader they were looking for? Credit belongs to all as a whole for the mission being accomplished. If people belonging to one particular political party don’t want to acknowledge all those included, then it just a sign of their political bad manners.

    I will note, bad manners seem to happen often on Fox News programming. Must be something in the water that building uses. Maybe we need to send the EPA to check it out. Once those interviewed leave the studio, they change their statements. Got to be the water.

  9. shawnnews

    18-29: Pro-peace? No. Obama was against the Iraq war because it diverted resources from the real culprits of 9-11: Al-Qaeda. Saddam Hussein was a dangerous man, a terrorist and I’m glad he’s gone — I supported the Iraq war because I understand that Hussein would be the next threat — however, he didn’t cause the death of Americans.

  10. 18-29 year old

    Were you awarded the peace prize, shawnnews? Who are you to judge peace and force? Perhaps you might consult with Stanley Campbell.

  11. Speaking of Sen. Marco Rubio, its interesting to note that the birther people have turned their attention his way.


    I wonder if it bothers the birthers that several of our founding fathers were not “natural born” citizens. (at least according to their own interpretation)

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