Despite reasons why Americans might fear the 99 Percenters, most of them don’t

Harold Meyerson POINTS UP one of the great political curiosities of 2011:

By the hoary conventions of American politics, Americans should fear and loathe Occupy Wall Street. The occupiers are vaguely countercultural, counterculturally vague. They are noisy. They are radical. They offer no solutions, though they are prey to the damnedest ideas. (Anti-consumerism! Anti-leaderism!) They are an extra-parliamentary menace, mocking the very possibility of liberal reform. They are anarchists or, worse, McGovernites. Some of them appear genuinely nuts. For all these reasons and a hundred more, real Americans should hate their guts.

And yet, they don’t. Despite the best efforts of trained pundits, working feverishly to convince the public that these are not people you’d want running the republic or dropping by for lunch, Americans seem remarkably unperturbed by the menace of Occupy Wall Street. In fact, the majority supports the protesters.



  1. Bilfred Free

    This article is laughable…. Most Americans are unperturbed because we are the 99%. You are a fool.

  2. Bilfred Free: You misunderstand me. I’m all for the 99 Percenters, as regular readers of this blog will attest.

    You also seem to have missed the ironic tone in Harold Meyerson’s column. Notice, please, what he says at the end: “Occupy Wall Street, all our assumptions about cultural polarization to the contrary, isn’t an object of ire. It’s channeling ire — our ire — where ire should go: toward the banks that have fostered and profited from America’s decline.”

  3. Try this one on for size:


    Sad, but I fear all too true.

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