Emulating GOP’s anti-Obama obstructionism, Tea Party group urges businesses not to hire anybody

HERE‘s how one gang of pseudo-patriots is fighting back against the so-called evildoer in the White House:

Tea Party Nation sent to their members today a message from activist Melissa Brookstone urging businesspeople to “not hire a single person” to protest the Obama administration’s supposed “war against business and my country.” Brookstone writes that business owners should stop hiring new employees in order to stand up to “this new dictator,” the “global Progressive socialist movement,” Hollywood, the media and Occupy Wall Street.

So, if  you or your unemployed neighbor suddenly fail to get a job that had previously seemed available, the folks at Tea Party Nation might be to blame.

UPDATE: It seems that this Tea Party push for a hiring freeze ISN’T GOING OVER VERY WELL.



  1. What Melissa Brookstone has called for, small businesses not to hire, is putting her personal agenda above the economy and well being of American Citizens. Sign the petition to have her charged with treason against the United States of America! http://wp.me/pNmlT-LM

  2. C_Lavant

    Howard Phillip’s 1995 statement explains what Brookstone has suggested to small businesses. See “Power Preying,” by Adele M. Stan. Mother Jones, Nov. 1995:

    What the Christian right realizes and is poised to take advantage of, Phillips implies, is that social movements are built on economic distress. “…The death of the Weimar Republic, the opportunit­y for the National Socialists to come up in the ’20s, was the result of the fact that the people were hurt economical­ly,” Phillips told Mother Jones. “…In the United States, we got under way because of economic concerns..­.. The French Revolution was, to some degree, fueled by economic concerns. So, I think what will trigger [a right- wing Christian revolution­] is the economic problems.”

    Howard Phillips founded the Constitution Party to which Tea Party Nation members, including Brookstone, belong. He is a member of the Christian Right’s vast umbrella organization, the Council for National Policy. See Council for National Policy and Howard Phillips at http://watch.pair.com/database2.html

  3. Dan H: Treason? Lighten up, pal.

    Melissa Brookstone is a nutcase, but calling her treasonous is a bit much.

    Your wacky petition gives the 99 Percent movement a bad name. And my saying so probably makes me a corporatist lackey in your mind, right?

    Oh, well. I’ll just have to live with that.

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