Kudos to NBC for offering a few truths about climate change on its nightly newscast

 You don’t often see one of the three major broadcast networks offer anything on its nightly news program that approximates straightforward, honest reporting about climate change and global warming.

A rare exception was seen the other night on NBC:




  1. John Duncan

    Pat, you are so misinformed, it is pitiful. I don’t have your email address, but I sent an article to Chuck, asking him to forward it to you. It had to to with “warming” but the main thing it should hit you upside the head with is your “confirmation bias” disease. You are a one trick pony. I think your picture is in the dictionary with the entry for that.

  2. John Duncan: If memory serves, you’re one of the saps who fell for that Climategate stuff a few years ago. Of course, that so-called scandal has since been debunked every which way from Sunday.

    And it seems that you’re still into global-warming denialism. Talk about one-trick ponies!

  3. NBC was anything but honest in this report.

    Brian Williams stated: “Everybody out East said the same thing about this freak snowstorm, `This kind of thing didn’t used to happen. This never happened before.’ And while that is true…

    It is not true that this has never happened before – it happened October 4, 1987 for one.

    NBC also neglected to say that Muller’s BEST project actually suggest that global temperatures have not risen in 13 years – something Muller himself admits. So while the level of CO2 in the atmosphere – the supposed cause of AGW – has continued to rise, the earth’s average temperature has somehow flatlined for over 10 years? NBC wouldn’t want to mention that – that wouldn’t support the narrative. They also wouldn’t want to mention that a leading member of Muller’s team is accusing him of trying to mislead the public by hiding that fact.

    I’m sure you’ll label me a “global-warming denier”. The truth is, I can read a chart as well as you can to see the rise in decadal average temperatures. I can also dig deeper and ask why have temperatures not increased in the past decade if CO2 levels continue to rise – could there perhaps be another cause? Somehow, you don’t seem to have the intellectual curiosity to wonder about that. It’s settled science in your mind, so you’ll just belittle anyone who thinks differently.

  4. Jaybo: Regarding the BEST project and the so-called slowdown of global warming in recent years, you should read this:


    Be sure to read all the comments at the bottom of that post. They include lots of complicated stuff, but even a layman can find it interesting.

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