Biggest increase ever in emission of global-warming gases

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. It’s just more alarmism on the part of pointy-headed scientists bent on ruining the American way of life and turning us all into hippie tree-huggers.

Pay no attention to stuff like THIS:

The global output of heat-trapping carbon dioxide jumped by the biggest amount on record, the U.S. Department of Energy calculated, a sign of how feeble the world’s efforts are at slowing man-made global warming.

The new figures for 2010 mean that levels of greenhouse gases are higher than the worst case scenario outlined by climate experts just four years ago.

“The more we talk about the need to control emissions, the more they are growing,” said John Reilly, co-director of MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change.

The world pumped about 564 million more tons (512 million metric tons) of carbon into the air in 2010 than it did in 2009. That’s an increase of 6 percent. That amount of extra pollution eclipses the individual emissions of all but three countries — China, the United States and India, the world’s top producers of greenhouse gases.


The developed countries that ratified the 1997 Kyoto Protocol greenhouse gas limiting treaty have reduced their emissions overall since then and have achieved their goals of cutting emissions to about 8 percent below 1990 levels. The U.S. did not ratify the agreement.



  1. Global warming is one of the many big scams pulled on the American people. Go ahead and pay more carbon taxes to Al Gore so he can fly his mega jet around the world. Go ahead and believe that carbon dioxcide is bad for you, even though PLANTS BREATH IT! Carbon dioxcide only makes up like .03% of our atmosphere. You exhale it for god sakes. Have you heard about how the gov’t is making farmers pay a flatuence tax on their cattle?

  2. shawnnews

    The amount of the gas in the air is what contributes to the greenhouse effect.

  3. Don’t be so naivete to believe everything your government tells you. Global warming is not real.

  4. shawnnews

    That’s just the quickest link I could find on the Google search. It’s not like the scientitsts of the world all sat down and cooked up a scam to fool everyone. In fact, it to make such a thing happen would be monumental and cost more money than it would actually take in. It also could not be kept secret due to the amount of people it would take to perpetuate the scam. You would also have to believe the world’s scientists — thousands of them who study the subject — who study such things would actually perpetuate fraud and continually try to conceal it.
    The simpler explanation — a few people who don’t understand the issue go around making irresponsible claims about “climategate” and conspiracies because they haven;t understood the issue or would have to spend money cleaning up their factories.

  5. Did u even read the article? There are just as many scientists that disagree on the matter. The fact that somehow thinking paying carbon taxes to Al Gore will make the earth green again is rediculous. It’s just another agenda. More fear mongering if you will. The truth is, one huge volcanic eruptions spews more CO2 than man has ever dreamed about…Maybe concern yourself with the radiation spewing from Fukishima before shaking me down like a bunch of mobsters everytime i pay damn power bill. I’m sick of it!

  6. shawnnews

    Al Gore is not a taxing body. he might get a government pension and speaking fees. I believe he had an academic post for awhile.
    Infowars is a source for the 9-11 truth movement that believes the government knew about the 9-11 attacks or planned them. However, they seem to be using an article from Natural News. A quick jump over there shows they have found the cure for diabetes. To me it looks like the politically irresponsible and the natural remedy salesman believe that global warming is a scam while them people who study it for a living have been saying more or less the same thing since the early 80s.

  7. Your demogoging everything I say. To say that Natural News claims to have found the cure for diabetes is rediculous. They may have suggested that to try and cure it we must reverse the things we have done to cause the rates to double, but that is all. I’m sorry sir, if you think the government knows whats best for you and your family there is no help for you.

  8. shawnnews

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    It’s not “the government” who made up the idea of global warming or Al Gore.
    It’s the scientitsts who have advanced this hypothesis over three to four decades.

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