If you don’t count Cain — and you shouldn’t — Gingrich tied with Romney for lead in GOP race

Let’s take for granted that serial prevaricator Herman Cain doesn’t really have any chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination.

In that case, a new poll from CBS News SHOWS that Newt Gingrich has surged to a tie with Mitt Romney atop the GOP field — at least for the time being:

But the race could still change; seven in 10 Republican primary voters say it is still too early to say for sure which candidate they will support.

The field of Republican candidates now has three candidates within striking distance of each other at the top of the list: with 18 percent, Herman Cain is in the top spot, followed by Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich with 15% each. Support for both Cain and Romney has declined since late last month, and Gingrich is the only one of the top three whose support is steadily – if slowly – on the upswing.


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  1. The latest poll from McClatchy confirms Newt’s rise to 2nd place while Cain has dropped to 3rd.


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