Concerning the declining popularity of Occupy Wall Street

Yesterday, I told you HERE about a poll showing that Americans generally disfavor the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Today, I offer a few qualifications regarding that matter.

Beth Fouhy of the Associated Press, for example, has THIS:

Polling shows the public supports the message of the Occupy Wall Street movement even if people have reservations about the encampments themselves. And political observers say Democrats may be missing a chance to reinvigorate their base.

And Charles P. Pierce of Esquire has THIS:

Generally, people tend to love goals in the abstract, but resent the inconvenience that accomplishing those goals may cause them in their daily lives, and the impact of the tactics necessary to accomplishing those goals will have on the placid surface of their quiet lives. In 1954, for example, a Gallup Poll showed that 55 percent of the people supported the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education. Five years later, after the stirrings of a larger movement, and the violent backlash against it, had become increasingly obvious, Gallup found that 59 percent of the people it polled thought the decision had “caused more trouble than it was worth.” In May of 1961, Gallup found that 57 percent of its respondents thought that the sit-ins at lunch counters and various other forms of direct action against segregation “hurt the cause” of black people around the country. Fifty years later, of course, we build monuments, thump our chests, and tell folks like John Lewis how we were with them all along.

And David Atkins of Hullabaloo has THIS:

It’s perhaps most important to note that advocacy for social justice has never really been publicly popular at the time. It’s hard to believe today, but at the time, the public overwhelmingly blamed the students for the Kent State massacre.


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  1. shawnnews

    This mentions the Occupy movement and fits today, Nov. 18. Jonestown 33rd anniversary.

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