CBO: Stimulus bill added more than 3 million jobs

As bad as the American economy is, it would have been much worse were it not for the stimulus bill that Republicans have so dishonestly disparaged.

Don’t just take my word for it. An independent study PROVES THE POINT:

The economy would have been in much worse shape without the 2009 stimulus — which increased employment in the third quarter of this year by as many as 3.3 million full-time jobs, according to a report by the Congressional Budget Office.

Republican lawmakers and presidential candidates have blasted the $800 billion pumped into the economy through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act as a waste of taxpayer dollars that failed to put people back to work.

The nonpartisan CBO figures offer a more nuanced picture of how government spending impacted an economy still coping with unemployment above 9 percent. It provides an alternative glimpse of an economy with even higher unemployment and drastically lower growth.



  1. Of course we haven’t yet paid back the 800 billion dollars or the hundreds of millions of dollars of interest that it will generate.

    The full impact of the stimulus won’t be felt until the debt it created has been paid off through higher taxes and decreased services.

  2. doc: This is off-subject, but in light of your keen interest in incidents of thuggery, especially when they occur in connection with Wisconsin politics, I thought this might arouse your ire:


    While you may not consider death threats to be as dastardly as the economic boycotts you so vehemently decried earlier this year, you still might find them worthy of comment (or, in your case, a little right-wing spin). Let me guess: You’re going to say these threats actually were the work of unionists or other liberal types, right? It’s all part of a nefarious plot to make conservatives look bad, right?

  3. Funny you didn’t want to bring up the death threats against Walker, his Lt. Governor and Republican leaders in the state Legislature last spring. Or maybe you want to talk about the harrassment of Walker and his family at their home in Wauwatosa?

    Didn’t think so.

  4. doc: Once again, you’re full of crap.

    You write: “Funny you didn’t want to bring up the death threats against Walker, his Lt. Governor and Republican leaders in the state Legislature last spring.”

    That’s false. I wrote a post last March specifically denouncing threats against Wisconsin Republicans. I even brought up the subject before you could. Indeed, I have frequently cited, without prior prompting from you or any other reader, despicable threats against Republicans.

    In the past four years, I have repeatedly denounced political violence (and threats of it) by both the left and the right.

    I have also denounced the shouting-down of Republican speakers (including your buddy Scott Walker) by so-called liberals. I say “so-called” because there’s nothing liberal about denying anyone their right to make a public speech without being drowned out by protesters.

    You, however, have said that the shouting-down of political speakers is merely an exercise of First Amendment rights — and you have said that anyone who disagrees with you on that point must have gone to school in Moscow.

    Our little dialogue in this thread began with my citation of death threats against foes of Scott Walker, and I would bet the farm that you would never have mentioned those threats if I hadn’t. You see, doc, your distaste for such thuggery is far more selective than mine.

    Your fraudulent claim that I’ve turned a blind eye to threats of violence against your right-wing friends brings to mind a passage from the gospel of St. Matthew: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

  5. You would have lost the farm.

    So funny how hypocritical you are, so sad how full of hate you are.

    I have a Thanksgiving recommendation for you. A book I recently read that might help you see that you remain part of the problem and not part of the solution.

    It’s called “I Am The Messenger” by Markus Zusak.

    Read it and tell all of your friends to read it. It might actually change your life.

  6. doc: I see that you’re unable to refute any of the points I made, including the one concerning your patently false claim that I didn’t “bring up the death threats against Walker, his Lt. Governor and Republican leaders in the state Legislature last spring.”

    The truth is that I specifically brought up those threats, which means your claim was a blatant lie. But do you reply with any acknowledgment of your lie or any apology for it? No. Instead, you offer a trite and irrelevant cliche about how I “remain part of the problem and not part of the solution.”

    What makes that so laughable is that the solutions you advocate are the neo-fascist nostrums of the Republican right.

    You’re an intellectual dwarf, doc. And a dishonest one, too.

    But, hey, have a nice Thanksgiving.

    Oh, by the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you whom you favor for the GOP presidential nomination. Romney, the flip-flopper? Gingrich, the pseudo-intellectual serial philanderer? Perry, the dimwit? Bachmann, the even dimmer-wit? Herman Cain, the dimmer-yet-wit?

    Let us know, will ya?

  7. Read the book old man. You still have a chance to an actual be part of the solution rather than a part of the problem with your occupy buddies.

  8. Oh, by the way, I apologize. You fill this blog with so much snarky drivel it is often hard to remember when you get it right.

    In the spirit of getting it right, read this and wish that you had adults running the government in the Land of Lincoln.


    Tax levy numbers for the 2011-12 school year show the total tax levy is down more than $47 million for K-12 schools.

    That translates to a 1% decrease on the school tax portion of the average property tax bill.

    This is only the second time the total school tax levy has dropped since 1996.

    Over the last five years the tax levy, on average, increased by $181 million each year. When compared to the status quo of the last five years, Governor Walker’s reforms are keeping an extra $228 million in Wisconsin property taxpayer’s pockets.

    In total, 269 school districts have a property tax levy lower or the same as last year and 200 school districts not only lowered their levy, but cut their mill rate.

  9. Since we are all about truth here now, here is a more recent death threat against Walker which you have not apologized for:


    Cowan, who suggested that Walker be killed instead of recalled, said that she was willing to make use of the state’s new concealed carry law to carry out her idea. Her personal Facebook page was unavailable Tuesday morning and an initial search of Facebook did not reveal any other comments made by Cowan. Media Trackers did, however, review Ms. Cowan’s court records and found that she has a long history of civil and criminal issues.

    In her record, which spans 25 different incidents, Cowan has pled guilty to two felony charges. The first one came in 2003 when she failed to report to jail, a Class H felony. The second one came in 2007 when she was found guilty of committing forgery, also a Class H felony.

    Along with her felony in 2003, Cowan was found guilty five different times in incidents ranging from twice being found in possession of drug paraphernalia to damaging property, and then disorderly conduct and operating a vehicle on a revoked license. Perhaps one of the more disturbing cases came in 2004 when Cowan was involved in a hit and run incident that took place while she was driving with her license revoked

  10. Truth being important and all, just thought you’d want to know just how well it is going for public schools up here in Wisconsin. That darn Scott Walker and his reforms! Too bad Milwaukee, Kenosha and Janesville raced to sign new contracts with the union before they took into account the quality of education for their students.


    Governor Walker’s reforms are working, schools are staying the same or getting better, and while the state will hold the line on property taxes over the next two years. All of this was done without massive public employee layoffs or any tax increase unlike in other states. In fact, over 70 percent of parents say their school has stayed the same or gotten better over the last six months and according to WASDA’s own data the median student to teacher ratio in Wisconsin is 13.5 to 1. To put that in perspective, the national student to teacher ratio this year is 15.5 to one.

    In addition, WASDA’s data shows that new hires outnumber layoffs and non-renewals by 1,213 positions. WASDA’s own data also shows that over 90 percent of school districts maintained or added to their athletic and extracurricular programs.

    Below is a breakdown of the survey for the administrators of 353 different school districts that responded, which accounts for 83% of Wisconsin school districts:

    · The three districts with the most teacher layoffs (Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Janesville) didn’t adopt the reforms put in place by Governor Walker

    · The Milwaukee, Kenosha and Janesville school districts account for 68% of teacher layoffs for the entire state, but only contain 12.8% of Wisconsin students

  11. doc: Have you lost all touch with common sense?

    Why in the world should I have “apologized” for something which which I had nothing to do?

    That’s like me demanding that you apologize for what Timothy McVeigh did. After all, he, too, was a right-winger.

    You have gone totally off the deep end.

  12. doc: Here’s another thing for which you have not apologized:


    And don’t deny that you had anything to with this. By your standards, that’s no defense. So, fess up. You Walker lovers are committing crimes all over the place. I’m holding you personally responsible for every one of those offenses. Apologize! Now!

  13. I apologize.

    But Walker is still right.

    Illinois is still screwed because of the liberal/union cabal that runs the state.

    Read the book.

  14. “Walker is still right.”

    Yeah, far right.

  15. Exactly. Ain’t it grand?

  16. You have to love when standards of decency and civility are set and only those who run the show — the rrstar in this case — can violate those standards. An yone else does and it is a “bad” thing and they must be punished. You are an intellectual dwarf, full of crap, etc. Sounds pretty juvenile to me and likely offensive to some as well as obviously violates standards of civility. But hey hypocrisy reigns in today’s media and the lack of OBJECTIVITY and true ability to REFLECT both sides of an issue is alarming. This is yet another case of what is good for the goose is good for the gander but alas only the few can dictate to the rest of us what is appropriate and what is not.

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