Veteran sleazemeister Karl Rove warns GOP about Democrats’ hard-nosed Chicago politics

Republican operative Karl Rove, whose mastery of dirty political tricks dates back more than 40 years, is hypocritically expressing concern that President Obama’s re-election campaign will employ a playbook written by “hard-nosed Chicago pols.”

But Rove’s warning is just a political dog-whistle intended to rouse the rustics in his Republican Party. He realizes that the GOP base increasingly is rural, white and Southern. The very thought of Chicago politics scares the hell out of these people. Rove hopes it will reinforce his party’s sense of cultural persecution: The dark urban masses are out to destroy the decent folks in this country.

Rove’s appeal to Chicagophobia is in THIS ARTICLE.


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  1. How reassuring to know that this lice infested vermin is keeping a vigil to defend the good and the right.

    It would be more reassuring to know that he was behind bars for his crimes.

    I have thought the manifesto of Anonymous to be harsh in some ways. But when it comes to the crimes of Karl Rove, we are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

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