Eight facts about the U.S. Constitution that the Tea Party gang seems not to understand

Click HERE for an explanation of how the Tea Party movement gets each of these items wrong:

1. Congress enjoys a Constitutional authority to provide social services.

2. SCOTUS has upheld broad federal powers under the Constitution.

3. Far from outlawing gay marriage, Constitutional Amendments actually protect it.

4. The 14th Amendment forbids severe immigration laws that racially profile Latinos and Muslims.

5. The 16th Amendment gives Congress the authority to collect income taxes from any source.

6. Republican-backed voting restrictions circumvent the 24th Amendment.

7. The Constitution does not grant any authority to ban abortion.

8. The Constitution allows the federal government “to regulate commerce…among the several states,” which is the Constitutional key that may allow health reform to persevere.





  1. We are not a gang and all these years you refuse to bash those who violate the law, The Constitution, Illinois Compiled Statues, etc. In other words you discriminate, etc. We know what the Constitution states. It has been stated that the 16th Amendment was never ratified. It has been proven that if one does not remember history it has a habit of repeating itself. Our forefathers fought for our right to Life, Liberty, and Persuit of Happiness. ”
    The War to End All Wars

    The Illusionist – you saw what you wanted to see and not that which was true according to reality. What Really Happened


  2. Carolyn says I’m “a total jerk who refuses to deal with realtiy [sic].”

    But it’s Carolyn herself who refuses to deal with reality. For example, she says: “It has been stated that the 16th Amendment was never ratified.” She fails, however, to note that it’s been so stated only by wingnuts. If the 16th Amendment had never been ratified, it would have long since been negated by the Supreme Court. But that’s never happened.

    This nonsense about ratification of the 16th arises from a debate over the legitimacy of Ohio’s statehood at the time. The claim was that a bureaucratic screw-up meant that Ohio wasn’t actually a state and therefore could not have ratified the 16th. But the truth of the matter is that Ohio eventually was granted statehood retroactive to a date that made its vote for ratification valid and legitimate.

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