Wingnut activist who was a federal prosecutor under Reagan warns of violent revolt against Obama

Larry Klayman (above), who’s just about as batty as they come, seems more eager than not to see his fellow loonies take up arms against the government if Barack Obama is re-elected.

HERE‘s the story:

In his latest column, Larry Klayman predicted that people are increasingly stocking-up on firearms because President Obama’s “dishonest, non-responsive and incompetent government” is “invading our individual and family rights and taking away our liberties,” and are just waiting “for the revolution to come.” The founder of Judicial Watch went on to argue that Americans see “no one on the horizon who can lead this nation back from Armageddon” and worries they will eventually turn to violence: “Let us pray that violent revolt will not break out before all other options are exhausted, but our Founding Fathers, faced with a similar dilemma, were forced to eventually choose this path by risking, and in many cases sacrificing, their fortunes and lives.”


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