Study ties homophobia to secret gay urges

One of my experiences in writing this blog has been that some vehemently homophobic commenters tend to become unglued whenever I refer to studies suggesting that men like them may have their own homosexual urges.

One such guy even threatened to sue me.

This subject came to mind when I ran across THIS ITEM today.

What we’re talking about here is sometimes called “internalized homophobia” or “internalized stigma,” which causes severe discomfort with or disapproval of one’s own sexual orientation.

And then there’s “social homophobia,” which is the fear of being identified as gay, even if you’re not. This sometimes is associated with insecurity about one’s masculinity.

There’s more about these forms of homophobia HERE.



  1. Ted Biondo

    Pat, I’m not angry about this post – I’m saddened by it. Also, I am not trying to be condescending with the following comments. You have an excellent historical knowledge of America, and I’m sure, many other historical events and it would be great to read posts concerning your knowledge about those subjects instead of this sensationalist material.

    You might not get as many readers but your posts would be of a much higher quality, which you are undoubtedly capable of and your readers would leave your site a lot better informed, rather than shocked all the time.

    You’ll probably just tell me to mind my own business – that’s alright, but I felt I had to say it anyway. I’m far from perfect myself, as you know, but I think you are wasting your talents with this type of material.

    But what do I know, you’ve been doing this a heck of a lot longer than I have and are much more successful at it. Just think about it, Ok?

  2. Ted: Frankly, I’m a little surprised that this post about homophobia would set you off. It’s a legitimate political issue, especially in light of all the anti-gay rhetoric among Republicans these days.

    Just this week, Rick Perry came out with a campaign ad in which he said “there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military.” That kind of bigotry is nonsense, as I see it, and all I’m doing here is countering it with a theory that might embarrass some of the people who agree with Perry. You may think this post is “sensationalist,” as you put it, but it’s no more so than your own blog posts concerning what you see as excesses or wrong-headedness among liberals.

    As for me telling you to mind your own business, that’s not my inclination in this matter. You’re welcome to join the mix here, just as I sometimes do on your blog.

  3. Adam Faber

    Ted, does this post sadden you because it cites a study that casts homophobia in an unfavorable light at a time that Republicans are running television ads promoting it?

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