Poll: Congressional Republicans seen as far more extreme than their Democratic counterparts

Everyone knows that approval ratings for Congress are at a record low these days. Federal lawmakers, as a group, are about as popular among  the American people as the bubonic plague.

But what some folks seem not to understand is that Americans generally  hold congressional Republicans in far lower regard than Democrats, as the chart above indicates.

By wide margins, the public sees Democratic lawmakers as less extreme, more willing to compromise and more honest and ethical than the Republicans.

Even among rank-and-file Republican respondents in the Pew poll, fewer than half approve of their party’s leaders in Congress.

Another interesting aspect of the survey are the answers to questions about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Sizable pluralities support the movement and agree with the concerns it has raised while also disapproving of the way the protests have been conducted.

There’s much more about the Pew poll HERE.


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