Drat it all! Gingrich boomlet is fading fast!


It pains me to say this, but I fear that Newt Gingrich is not going to be the Republican presidential nominee after all.

Yes, not even a single primary-election ballot has been cast, and not even the first caucus head-count has been conducted. And yes, things could change as the new year rolls around, especially in a situation as volatile as this crazy GOP race.

But I’m not going to kid myself. My fond hopes, and those of countless other liberal Democrats, that the mercurial and reckless Gingrich would be the Republican standard-bearer next year suddenly seem to have been dashed.

In just the past few weeks, the Newster’s lead over Mitt Romney in the Gallup national tracking poll has SHRUNK from 14 percentage points to nine points and now to a measly four points.

The situation is even worse in Iowa, where a new poll SHOWS that Gingrich has plummeted to third place behind Ron Paul and Romney.

Clearly, the conservative establishment’s opposition to Newt is taking its toll.

But all is not lost. If Romney wins the nomination, which seems more and more likely, he’s not going  to be all that difficult to defeat next November. Let’s not forget that the guy is a world-class flip-flopper who seems to lack any core political principles.

But it would be so much more fun to see Gingrich challenge Barack Obama.

Oh, well.



  1. its looking like most of the Tea Party types are finally drifting toward Ron Paul, which is probably who they should have backed in the first place. And from the Paul vs. Obama polls I’ve seen, the Libertarian matches up favorably.

    Romney’s “core principles” are no worse Obama’s.

    For example, Obama’s official stance on gay marriage is “evolving.” What’s that mean anyway? Sounds like me he is trying to cater his response to whomever is audience is, like what Romney does.

    Obama also likes to campaign as a “tax cutter” even though he has raised taxes on the wealthy.

    I dare anyone to try and explain Obama’s education policy. He appears to endorse that almost all student loans available only through the government. Sounds like a Socialistic world view to me, but I’m sure he would probably beg to differ.

  2. blah…should read “sounds to me like he is trying”….dyslexic I am.

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