Sniveling racist Trump peddles lie about Obama

The inside of Donald Trump’s head apparently is as ugly as that thing on top of it.

Consider, for example, the Tweet (above) that Trump issued this morning.

And then read the truth of the matter HERE.



  1. Pat: You and I both know that your blog is a joke. You write this nonsense just to stir up emotions and readership at rrstar.com. However, some of your readers do not know that you are writing as a joke, so let’s explain your latest error.

    You can call Donald whatever you wish, but his tweet is accurate. I just went to the White House’s page on official statements (you can see it yourself here) and there is a very nice statement on Kwanzaa but absolutely nothing about Christmas.

    Liberal blogs have sunk their yellowed fangs into this non-story about Trump with some crackpot explanation that Obama did release a Christmas video and lighted the Christmas tree. This is also true, but Trump’s statement is accurate nevertheless. Your attempt to cast him as a liar and racist is unfair.

    By the way, Fox News is posting lots of “Happy Kwanzaa” messages today, but of course you’d never publicize this because it doesn’t fit your strange mental model of how racist we conservatives are.

    Get a clue.

  2. Dan F. – You obviously need to read the actual TPM article Pat linked to, it proves your statements false.

    There’s a lot not to like about Obama, but this stuff about him being anti-Christmas, or favoring some other holiday over Christmas is completely absurd.

  3. DanF,
    You should read your own link. Check out Obama’s Weekly Address on 12/24.

  4. Dan F: Your comment makes absolutely no sense at all, which is typical of what you usually peddle here.

    Obama issued Christmas greetings all over the place. Donald Trump is a racist scumbag for saying that Obama gave Kwanza, a black observance, favored mention at the total exclusion of Christmas.

    As for your stuff about my failure to mention Kwanza greetings on Fox News, what does that have to do with the subject at hand? Absolutely nothing. This post isn’t about Kwanza in and of itself. It’s about what Trump said regarding Obama favoring Kwanza over Christmas.

    You’re getting weirder and weirder, Dan.

  5. Cher said it best. Trump is a pompous %$^&*(%$#@!


    You Trump lover’s wouldn’t know the truth regarding his racist attitude if it jumped up and bit you on your ass ! His sarcastic comment’s about Obama are typical of a Republican attitude,….very much in line with Fox New’s, Fox “Anything” !! Get off whatever you’re smokin and get a life !! What with President Bush’s “illegal” war in Iraq and the debt he left us in,…no President could clean up his mess in just four year’s.

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