Two questions arise: Did Rick Perry write his own book? Has he even read that book?

For me, one of the most surprising things about the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 has been the revelation that Rick Perry is not a very bright fellow.

I didn’t know a lot about Perry before he emerged as a national candidate. Sure, I knew he was a right-winger, but I also figured that he possessed at least a modicum of intelligence. After all, he’s governor of a large and diverse state.

But as soon as Perry jumped into the GOP race (and soared to the top of the polls), he distinguished himself mainly as a bird-brain. He was inarticulate, forgetful, self-contradictory and just generally a political stumblebum. Within weeks, his poll numbers tanked and his candidacy was widely regarded as hopeless.

Then, only yesterday, Perry COULDN’T RECALL a Supreme Court case that had been a major controversy during his first term as governor and the subject of a passage in his book “Fed Up,” which was published just last year:

Rick Perry drew a blank yesterday when asked about a Supreme Court landmark decision that struck down Texas’ anti-sodomy law during his time as governor. Perry—who defended the law ahead of the Lawrence vs Texas case, and mentioned it in his latest book—said he didn’t know about the case when an audience member at an Iowa campaign stop asked him how his support of the law squared with his support of limited government.



  1. How sad and to think this once darling of the tea party was groomed to be the next GW.

  2. I would ask, “Can he even read?”

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