Will Iowa be the end of the line for Michele Bachmann?

Michele Bachmann’s rise and fall as a contender for the Republican presidential nomination is just one of several in this crazy campaign season.

The Minnesota congresswoman’s sharp decline from previous heights in public opinion polls is not unlike those of Rick Perry, Herman Cain and, more recently (but perhaps less devastatingly), Newt Gingrich.

If Bachmann finishes last in Tuesday’s GOP caucuses in Iowa, a distinct possibility, it seems likely that she’ll have to throw in the towel.

Frankly, I’m going to miss her. Her brand of zany conservatism has been great fun and wonderful fodder for a snarky liberal blogger such as I.

There are reports on Bachmann’s grim prospects HERE and HERE.



  1. My thoughts on this are perfectly summarized by a post from someone named “cma cma” at a website called deathandtaxesmag.com. Next paragraph is a direct quotation:

    The media, and Obama’s paid trolls, are on 24/7 Bachmann watch for the most trivial gaffes and non-gaffres, but the really serious gaffes by Obama are ignored. Bachmann has made fewer misstatements than the average politician. However, Team Obama media jackals have made a career of perverting and distorting her statements to turn them into gaffes. These Team Obama jackals have ignored Obama’s continual lies and gaffes, to wit: Barack Obama said that he campaigned “in all 57 states;” that our country was founded “20 centuries ago;” pronounced Navy Corpsman “corpseman;” called “Austrian” a foreign language; and referred to “The President of Canada” and to Europe as “a country.” Speaking in Hawaii, Obama said “Here in Asia…”

  2. Carol Foster

    Ms. Backmann should have used what influence she had from being a member of the Tea Party for a conservative candidate and not herself. She never could have been a serious contender as the Republican candidate for the office of President. It never was anyone pointing out her mistakes it was always her lack of having a complete plan for how she would accomplish the task of doing that job she was asking voters give her in the first place. The lady was too one dimentional, as Ron Paul is, and has been pointed out so many times by more than just “team Obama.”

    I’m looking at Dan’s comment and it clearly shows there’s enough online garbage from both sides to clearly show gaffes aren’t why Bachmann is failing.

    Guess we will all miss some of her foolishness such as pointing out how often she tried to do somthing but failed to accomplish the task. Not something a job seeker should place on a resume if they hope to shine above the rest applying for the job. Just a hint as to why the money dried up for her and she’ most likely on her way out. Employers want to see accomplishments they feel you can build upon.

  3. Dan and Carol: You’re both much too kind to Bachmann, whose gross misstatements — not just slips of the tongue — are legion.

    My personal favorite is the one where she said the Founding Fathers, including John Quincy Adams (who was NOT a Founding Father), “worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the United States.”

    In truth, the last of the Founding Fathers was dead for nearly three decades before slavery was abolished in this country. Even John Quincy Adams died 13 years before the Civil War, the principal cause of which was slavery.

    And then there was the infamous incident in which Bachmann ascribed credence to the story some anonymous woman told her about how the HPV vaccine could cause mental retardation in children.

    Bachmann is one of the most unqualified presidential candidates I’ve ever seen. Yet, as I heard on TV just this morning, she’s avoided any sharp criticism of Mitt Romney in the hopes that he’ll choose her as a running mate if he wins the nomination. There’s not the remotest chance that he would be that foolish. That would be dumber than McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate.

  4. Bachmann hasn’t passed any meaningful legislation from her district. For that matter neither has the imperial wizard of Galveston yet they trek across Iowa trying to demonstrate that they’re presidential material.

  5. End of the line? Heck, Bachmann was never even on the train.

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