Fearless predictions for 2012

In no particular order of importance:

–Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination, only to end up as the weakest GOP candidate since Barry Goldwater. His running mate will be a governor, but not Chris Christie.

–With the benefit of a third-party candidate for president who will receive 11 percent of the popular vote, Barack Obama will win re-election in an electoral landslide.

–The U.S. economy will be stronger than even optimistic experts had expected, with unemployment falling to 7.4 percent.

–Evidence of anthropogenic global warming will become so strong that even some erstwhile skeptics will be convinced.

–The Tea Party movement will fall into even wider disfavor as its self-appointed spokespersons become ever kookier.

–A 50-50 split will emerge in the U.S. Senate, while the Republican advantage in the U.S. House will narrow to four seats.

–The number of congressional incumbents turned out of office will reach an all-time high.

–The sport of football will face an existential crisis amid a spate of fatal injuries.

–Dramatic scientific strides against cancer will be announced.

–Doomsday mania arising from the myth of the Mayan calendar will become widespread as December approaches, but the apocalyse won’t happen.

–Herman Cain will get into show business as a self-deprecating comedian, and most of the people who had taken his presidential candidacy seriously will deny it.

–Seismic activity on the New Madrid fault in Missouri and Arkansas will frighten millions of residents of the Midwest and Midsouth.

–Sarah Palin’s quest for public attention will become increasingly pathetic and laughable.

–Scientists will warn of the distinct possibility that a certain asteroid will collide with Earth in the mid-2030s.

–Internet access will become dramatically more widespread around the world, undermining the power of numerous oppressive governments.

–Gold prices will continue to decline, thereby causing countless investors to lose their proverbial shirts.

–Cyber security will become a greater concern to the U.S. government than violent terrorism.

–A revolution in baseball will emerge as a new system of keeping score — invented by me — catches on. (More on this matter as spring approaches.)









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  1. Great photo of Scott Rasmussen!

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