Tone-deaf Romney commits unforced error, says public office is just for rich folks like him

Mitt Romney skated through last night’s Republican presidential debate without suffering any major blows from his rivals. But then, this morning, he shot himself in the foot, as we see HERE:

Mitt Romney suggested in today’s debate that only rich people should run for office, and then quickly celebrated the fact that he’d forced a rival to take out a loan against his house.

Romney said his father, Michigan Governor George Romney, had told him, “Mitt, never get involved in politics if you have to win an election to pay a mortgage.”


The exchange with Newt Gingrich brought out Romney at his most tone-deaf, and echoed his offer of a $10,000 bet to Rick Perry in an earlier debate.

There’s more HERE and HERE.



  1. Oh, please. The only thing newsworthy in Romney’s comments is that liberal blogs can’t find anything else about Romney to snark about. If he hadn’t made this comment, you’d all be griping about his hair or necktie.

    If you’re going to whine about aristocratic presidential candidates, you should start with John Kerry, one of the wealthiest members of Congress. And, as I recall, even he had to take out a $6 million loan against his house to win in Iowa… against other Democratic losers like John Edwards, Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinich, and Richard Gephardt. I’m sure they are very proud.

  2. Dan F: Why do you have difficulty following along? Have you suffered head injuries or what?

    This post is not about rich guys like John Kerry running for office. It’s about Romney suggesting that only rich guys should run for office. John Kerry never said only rich guys should run for office.

    This is the umpteenth time you’ve failed to understand the subject at hand. It isn’t just a matter of you having different opinions. It’s a matter of you not even being on the same page.

  3. RedRover

    Romney is an insufferably smarmy liar and a cowardly chickenhawk draft-dodger:

    Like many hawkish politicians of his generation, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney managed to avoid serving in the Vietnam War through family connections. The young Romney could not use a student deferment from the draft — having dropped out of Stanford University after only two semesters — but avoided service anyway with the assistance of the Mormon elders

    who has outright lied about what he did during the Vietnam War:

    A day after being labelled “out of touch” for casually offering a $10,000 bet to a rival candidate, Mr Romney told supporters he had experienced austerity as a missionary in France, using a bucket for a lavatory and a hose for a shower. “You’re not living high on the hog at that kind of level,” he said.

    But the Republican presidential hopeful spent a significant portion of his 30-month mission in a Paris mansion described by fellow American missionaries to The Daily Telegraph as “palace”. It featured stained glass windows, chandeliers, and an extensive art collection. It was staffed by two servants – a Spanish chef and a houseboy.

  4. Well, it’s true that Congress is over 50% millionaires.

    The problem with mostly rich people running for office is that they understand issues from the perspective of rich people so they (whether consciously or not) write laws that mostly benefit the rich.

    THERE’S the root cause of your wealth gap, right there.

  5. I would like to see Mittrich’s tax return. You suppose he’s hiding Daddy’s Rambler money in the Caymans?

  6. Martin Cosentino

    Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Money = Power and if you are included in the one (1) percent (anyone who makes >$500,000 annually) then you can be pretty sure a strong degree of corruption has, or is beginning to set in. It is an inevitability, an act as inexorable as rigor mortis (NO pun whatsoever intended) on a dead corpse. It was only a matter of time that this sort of remark would slip out of Mitt’s mouth, because it has already grown a substantial set of roots and, as the saying goes, as you plant the seed, so shall you reap the harvest. By most of the standards of the world, wealth and money are the root of nearly all evil, and Mitt Romney has just joined the ranks of Newt Gingrich, John Kerry, John Edwards, and Rick Perry by separating himself from the 99% who will determine whether he is elected or not. Being a wealthy person, especially in the United States today, AND running for public office, is like standing on the edge of the subway platform during rush hour – just one off color remark, and someone bumps you in front of the oncoming train. Folks, the oncoming train is the 99% and, to mix my metaphors here, Jefferson once said, ‘ The Tree of libery has to be nourished with the blood of. . . . .” Draw you conclusions and then check France out on Google in 1789 – that is where WE are – TODAY!!!!!

  7. As a moderate I have to say I think Romney is an idiot from the word go. Only rich people should run for office…hold on a minute while I consult the Constitution to see where that was written. Oh, wait…that’s right…it’s not!

  8. Wow….I did not know that Romney was Tone Deaf. Great reporting…way to stick to the facts and not add anything of your own. He may also be Color Blind, you should check into it and use as part of your next article.

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