Here’s that 28-minute attack on Mitt Romney — and it’s downright devastating!

Steve Benen says THIS of the video released by a pro-Newt Gingrich Super PAC:

The video is a wholesale condemnation, not only of Romney’s private-equity work, but of the business model Romney relied on to get exceedingly rich. Aside from some oblique xenophobic slights sprinkled into the script, it is as liberal an indictment against the former governor as anything I’ve seen…

Many on the right, not surprisingly, are livid. Gingrich’s Super PAC is slamming the likely Republican presidential nominee with this brutal video and it’s doing so in a way that reinforces and validates liberal arguments — about Romney, about excessive greed, about the politics of income inequality, and about the ruthless, screw-the-workers style of capitalism Romney relied on to get rich.

The party establishment doesn’t want their nominee damaged before the general-election phase begins, and they especially don’t want him damaged in such a way that says concerns about Romney’s vulture capitalism is bipartisan

The challenge for Romney and his team is both the video itself and the realization that the victims it highlights are not alone — for the next 10 months, Americans will be introduced to a whole lot of people and communities who suffered “when Mitt Romney came to town.”



UPDATE: A new poll SHOWS Romney quickly losing ground in South Carolina — even before the video above has become widely circulated.