Host on Fox News, the network for misinformed geezers, says young folks are too dumb to vote


This is pretty funny:

The average viewer of the Fox News Network is in his or her mid-60s. And various surveys have shown that Fox News viewers are more misinformed than the rest of us on the issues of the day.

But HERE‘s a Fox News host, John Stossel (above), arguing that young people “aren’t paying attention” to what’s going on in the world and therefore shouldn’t be encouraged to vote.



  1. I teach young kids. They probably should not be allowed to vote- they don’t know the issues, they don’t understand economics, they haven’t owned any property, they’ve never created any lives, and they take their liberty and freedom for granted because they don’t know history.

    They’re uninformed voters. It’s a democracy and all that and they have the right to vote, but they probably shouldn’t vote, because they just go in for the idiot who says the most empty garbage rhetoric.

    As example, I trot out the fact that young people voted for Obama last election by large percentages- and yet, Obama isn’t reforming Social Security and Medicare (both of which will collapse now long before young people get what they’ve paid in), Obama has considerably increased our national debt (which is paid for by lower future standard of living and increased interest payments), and has poorly addressed emerging international threats (Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, etc). They voted against their own interests in very important ways.

  2. More than any group of Americans, it was young people who came to our defense after 9-11.
    People under 30 are far more likely to know someone who was killed or injured in one of the wars. To even suggest that young people are somehow less informed or engaged is simply a demonstration of extreme ignorance.

  3. A teacher discouraging young voters, that’s kind of odd. Do your students practice A-bomb drills with the emerging international threats?

  4. We have a teacher that needs to go back to school.

  5. I read the article Pat pointed to, and then I read the comments that a lot of young people posted in response. Their comments alone made me think the voting age should be raised to 40. The election of Obama in 2008 is iron proof that uninformed voters can cause widespread damage to a nation.

    I do think that voting should be limited to people who complete high school and who are not receiving welfare. You can imagine how the Democrats would react to that idea, which pretty much tells you all you need to know about their origins of power.

  6. I have to agree with Steverino and Jerry on this one. There are thousands of 18 years olds that are highly informed of the issues. I wager that a good percentage of them are more knowledgeable than many adults.

    Granted, I do think the young adults tend to look at issues from a left-leaning perspective. (I was one of them). When they get out and earn a living for a few years and have to pay taxes, their opinions sometimes change. Of course, I’m sure the reverse is probably true that some adults get fed up with the Republican party and vote Democratic.

    Anyway, this nation is full of very bright people, and also has its fair share of dolts. Age has very little to do with it.

  7. The election of President Bush, twice, is iron proof that uninformed voters can cause widespread damage to a nation. Maybe people over 55 should not be allowed to vote.

  8. As recently as October, 48% of the people polled could not name a single Republican running for president. How do uninformed, willfully ignorant people participating in elections lead to better governance?

  9. Dan F: If the welfare recipients you would ban from voting include those receiving corporate welfare, the plutocrats you so admire wouldn’t like it.

    You should try thinking things through before you submit comments here, Dan. You have a bad habit of passing along half-baked ideas.

  10. Ted Biondo

    Hey Pat, if we could interview the young voters like Jay Leno does in “Jaywalking” and ask questions like he does on his show with the “Jaywalking All Stars” to show that they are informed, I wouldn’t have a problem with them voting.


  11. Ted: It also would be fun to interview the confused and fearful senior citizens who think Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Those people get to vote, too. God bless ’em.

  12. Seriously, if Rick Perry is allowed to vote……………………

  13. I don’t believe ignorance or stupidity has any correlation with age. Next we will see people saying only those who own property should be allowed to vote – that was proposed when the constitution was written. Maybe only those with at least a million in assets should be allowed to vote because they have the intelligence to get that amount of money – unless they inherited it. It is easy to come up with reasons why people should be excluded, but that would result in some kind of oligarcy, not democracy. Rather than think of reasons to exclude people it would be better to think of ways to educate people so they would be better informed voters. Unfortunately, nothing that has transpired in the election process so far has been particularly educational in terms of having an honest exposition of differing opinions rather than sound bites and “gottcha journalism.”

  14. RedRover

    Well, gee whiz, his conservative holiness, Ted Biondo, believes that he is entitled to “have a problem with [young voters] voting”.

    Does he also have a problem with them serving in the military during America’s war crimes upon the innocent people of Iraq and Afghanistan?

    When I was in the Army during the war crime that this country was committing against the innocent people of Vietnam, I was forbidden from voting because I was too young.

    Since that time, I have had a problem with right-wing, war-mongering, ignorant know-it-alls like Ted Biondo voting. Let’s test them all and make sure that they know the real history of American war crimes before allowing them to cast their votes in ways that result in even more of them.

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