How will GOP lawmakers deal with Obama plan to shrink the federal government?

Decisions, decisions.

Republicans who love to squawk about the size of the federal government are now faced with a political dilemma:

What are they going to do about President Obama’s new PLAN to reduce the size of government by merging and consolidating various federal agencies? If they balk at the proposal, they’ll only look like hypocrites and give Obama an issue for this year’s election campaign. But if they go along with it, they’ll anger the loonies in their party who can’t abide cooperation with Obama on anything.

The president outlines the proposal in his weekly address:





  1. Flash! Paul Ryan has just put out a plan to increase the size and scope of the federal government.

  2. Goodness. So many things to discuss…

    1. One flaw in your reasoning is that you are assuming Obama’s “plan” for shrinking the government will really shrink it. Democrats don’t shrink anything. They simply expand, rearrange, and redistribute. If Obama really does come up with a plan, it will actually increase the cost of government, but it will cut projected increases and thus be sold as a “cost-cutting” reorganization.

    2. The dilemma you paint for the GOP is a false dilemma, because other outcomes are possible. Obama will merge a few parts of the Minerals Management Service and the Board of Geographic Names and the Indian Arts and Crafts Board, but with one exception (see item 3 below) he won’t touch anything significant.

    3. His plan will call for deep chopping and cutting of the Department of Defense, which will make the whole plan unacceptable to the GOP in Congress. Obama will then run for re-election against the do-nothing GOP, but his feint will be instantly exposed as cheap politics.

    What kind of leader would propose a joke plan, wait for Congress to reject it, and then criticize Congress for doing nothing? Answer: a joke leader. Like Obama.

  3. “This is a President who last year promised a review of all regulations while riding the greatest rule-making wave in American history. Now he’s calling for leaner government without mentioning ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank, which create so many new boards and commissions that government auditors (literally) can’t even count them. We suspect many in the White House were laughing themselves when they came up with this one.”


    You can’t make this stuff up.

  4. wilson cites a piece from the right-wing plutocrats at the Wall Street Journal about how terrible ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank are.

    Why am I not surprised at such nonsense?

  5. Pat, I don’t think the article mentioned they were “terrible”, just that they grew government, why don’t you try reading the piece. If you did actually read it, then I apologize since there must be some disease or malady you are suffering from.

    “Now he’s calling for leaner government without mentioning ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank, which create so many new boards and commissions that government auditors (literally) can’t even count them. ”

    Try reading it real slow.

  6. wilson: Don’t be silly. The clear implication of the column is that ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank are terrible.

    You must not be familiar with the right-wing slants of the Wall Street Journal. After all, it’s a Rupert Murdoch paper.

  7. Pat you are a real paranoid.
    The point they are making is Obama grew the government by leaps and bounds and now he wants smaller government.
    I have reconsidered, you’re just a wind up talking point bobblehead.

  8. wilson: I don’t think “paranoid” is the word you want in this context.

    You can disagree with my response to your comment, but there’s nothing even remotely paranoid about what I said. I harbor no paranoia about the Wall Street Journal or Rupert Murdoch. Disdain, yes. Paranoia, no.

    I’m guessing that you don’t even know the meaning of “paranoid.”

  9. Pat you exhibit many of the characteristics…remember there is a vast rightwing conspiracy and don’t forget the evil Koch brothers and the Tea Party. You seem to fear all those who threaten your worldview. I think they are out to get you, Iā€™d be worried if I were you.

    Delusional check
    Irrational check

  10. St. Ronnie was the worse when it came to the size of the federal government. He had more federal employees on the books than Obama and the population of the US was less but Faux News won’t share that.

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