Fox News poll: Majority of voters expect President Obama to be re-elected in November


There’s generally GOOD NEWS for President Obama in the latest Fox News poll:

–Obama’s job-approval ratings are almost even (45 percent positive, 47 percent negative; the gap is within the poll’s margin of error).

–Fifty-one percent of registered voters have a generally favorable opinion of the president.

–Fifty-two percent say they expect Obama to be re-elected, while 42 percent say he won’t.

–Forty-two percent say they would vote for Obama if the election were held today. Thirty-five percent would vote for Mitt Romney, and 14 percent for Ron Paul.

UPDATE: The last item above might be misleading. It shows the results of a hypothetical matchup involving Obama as the Democratic candidate, Romney as the Republican and Ron Paul as a third-party choice.

In a matchup involving only Obama and Romney, the Fox poll shows the former with 46 percent and the latter with 45 percent, a virtual dead heat.


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