The biggest whoppers in last night’s Republican debate

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler CALLS OUT the Republican presidential candidates for their misstatements in last night’s debate.

The misleading or downright false arguments include:

–The claim by Newt Gingrich that, as speaker of the House in the 1990s, he helped pass Bill Clinton’s deficit-reduction package.

–Mitt Romney’s claim that his company’s investments created 120,000 jobs.

–Romney’s fuzzy claims about taxes and budgets when he was governor of Massachusetts.

–Romney’s fuzzy claims about the steel mills in which his company invested.

–Romney’s flat-out lie that President Obama hasn’t offered a jobs plan.

–Gingrich’s misleading remarks about Obama and food stamps.

–Rick Perry’s preposterous assertion that Turkey is ruled by Islamic terrorists.

–Romney’s misrepresentation of proposed cuts in defense spending under Obama.

–Romney’s misrepresentation of Medicare cuts under Obama.

–Gingrich’s exaggerated claim that he helped balance the budget four years in a row.




  1. Comeonman


    You print anything! “Gingrich’s exaggerated claim that he helped balance the budget four years in a row.” Why is that exagerated? I guess the same that President Obama blames everything that doesn’t get done now on house speaker Bohner. There seems to be a double standard here. The republican speaker must take the blame for everything that is bad, and the former republican speaker can’t take any credit for things that were good. Which is it?

  2. This wasn’t a debate it was a Klan rally. How pathetic!

  3. Steverino: Amen to your remark about the Klan rally. The audience at the debate was a collection of early links in the evolutionary cycle (not that many of them understand evolution, let alone believe in it).

  4. Those early links in the evolutionary cycle are called voters, Pat. Get over it.

  5. Terry C: Yes, I know they’re voters. That’s what makes it so disturbing. These are the-South-shall-rise-again people. They just loved Newt’s generalization about black folks and food stamps. And they just hated that uppity Juan Williams giving Newt a hard time.

  6. Terry C: One other thing about those South Carolina voters for whom you seem to have so much respect:

    Some of them booed loudly at the mere mention of the fact that Mitt Romney’s father was born in Mexico.

    Yeah, those racist cretins are voters. Ain’t it a shame?

  7. I watched the entire debate and Newt made no generalizations about black folks and food stamps. He called Obama the “food stamp president” because so many Americans went on food stamps since Obama took office.

    From Politifact: “SNAP [the official name of food stamps] usage has continued to climb almost every month of the Obama presidency despite some signs of an economic recovery. So Gingrich’s charge cannot simply be dismissed out of hand.”

    Yeah, I guess so. 31 million food-stamp recipients in October 2008, 38 million in October 2009, and over 43 million in 2010. If Obama’s economic policies had any value, you’d expect to see these numbers peak and then start to decline. But no.

    And where do you get off condemning Newt’s “generalization” when you make obscene generalizations about GOP voters and South Carolina citizens? Your comments aren’t a mere inconsistency, they’re Hypocrisy with a capital H.

    And finally, Pat, I hope rrstar.com is still around this summer. After Obama and the GOP nominee debate (assuming Obama even agrees to debate), I am expecting you to have an Applesauce post entitled “The Biggest Whoppers in Last Night’s Presidential Debate.” I’m sure the Obama side will have a bountiful whopper crop. Given your great interest in presenting both sides of the story, I’m sure you’ll want to present both sides of the story.

  8. Yes, Pat, all the racist cretin south-shall-rise voters of South Carolina seem to be after you and Obama (you’re not paranoid-everyone IS out to get you two). Why don’t you try to rush through a constitutional amendment before next November’s election so that these cretins aren’t allowed to vote? That way only the politically correct liberals like yourself will be allowed to vote. After all, these morons from South Carolina (and wherever else unworthy voters like them reside) will be better off living in a country ruled by snide intellectuals like yourself.

  9. Terry: Good idea! Thanks for the suggestion. I’m glad to see that you’ve finally come to your senses.

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