Romney should be haunted more by his father’s use of an F-word rather than a B-word

When Mitt Romney’s father, George W. Romney (above), was running for the Republican presidential nomination in 1968, his candidacy was famously undone by his use of one word.

The elder Romney said his own study of the Vietnam War had prompted him to change his mind after having been subjected to a “brainwashing” on the issue by U.S. military and diplomatic officials.

That B-word opened Romney to widespread ridicule and soon put an end to his presidential aspirations.

Mitt Romney is said to have long been haunted by his father’s experience and determined to avoid any similar gaffe.

But there’s cause for Mitt to worry even more about another word  — an F-word — his dad used when he ran for president. That word was “fluke.”

The recent pressure on Mitt to make public his tax returns has included a reminder that his father released 12 years of his returns when he was a presidential candidate.

George Romney explained that his was a multi-year disclosure because just one year’s return could “be a fluke, perhaps done for show.”

Mitt, who has been reluctant to release any tax returns, recently has suggested that he might be willing to release the return he files this year.

But would that lone tax return be a “fluke, perhaps done for show”?

What would Mitt’s dad think of such a potentially misleading gesture?

UPDATE: Romney’s campaign is HEDGING on whether he’ll participate in the next GOP debate in Florida on Monday night.



  1. Tea Party

    This is why Romney collapsed. I suspect that he took many deductions, used many write-offs, and probably used “green” energy credits. It would prove that Mitt, in fact, really is a Massachusetts moderate. It would confirm that. That’s why he is not releasing it.

  2. I imagine- people against “tax deductions and write-offs” will declare them anyway. I don’t know any Libertarians that don’t deduct what ever they can, even if they don’t believe it’s the best policy.

    Similarly- studies show that drivers, when polled, usually believe they are an “above average” driver.
    Many of us would want the cops to give our son/daughter the benefit of the doubt when pulled over, but “what about all those other dangerous drivers out there”?

    What’s the connection between these points?
    When we look in the mirror, we have the prejudice of personal perspective…

  3. coldhotel

    Mr. Romney has probably not filed his tax return yet so he has time to file a fairly straight-arrow return without pushing loopholes to their limit. His past returns are a done deal; if voters knew what was in them he would lose a lot of support.

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