Romney finally relents on tax returns, but unlike his daddy, he’ll release only a few

Now that Mitt Romney’s front-runner status in the race for the Republican presidential nomination has been dealt a blow, he SAYS he’s finally ready to release some of his tax returns, but only one or two.

Big deal! He’s still falling far short of the standard his father set 44 years ago. George W. Romney, who released 12 years of tax returns when he ran for president in 1968,  SAID  just one year’s return could “be a fluke, perhaps done for show.”

America deserves to see the last 12 years of Romney’s tax returns. Even his daddy would have said so.

UPDATE: HERE‘s a chronology of Mitt’s evolution on the subject in just a matter of weeks:

Watching Mitt Romney discuss his willingness to disclose his tax returns, it’s been hard not to marvel at the rapid evolution. It was only about a month ago when he was asked whether he’d release his tax returns, and Romney replied, “I doubt it.”

About a week later, he said he’d “consider” disclosure. Then he was “not opposed” to releasing the materials. That was followed by his willingness to “probably” disclose. Two days ago, Romney came around to saying he will release returns, but not until April — after, presumably, he’s wrapped up his party’s nomination.

This morning, after the issue has taken a considerable toll on his campaign, Romney gave up entirely on the position he took as recently as late December.





  1. If Romney released photos of his most recent colonoscopy, you guys would be declaring him an unfit candidate because he won’t release the video.

    This tax thing is a manufactured issue and greatly invades the privacy of candidates. Candidates for any political office should ask the IRS to audit the most recent 7 years of their tax returns and report (independently) evidence of fraud or criminal tax evasion. Period.

    This is going to come back to bite you guys hard. If you pressure the GOP candidates to open up their records, it will echo back on Obama this summer. And we all know how open he has been, despite his preposterous claims for a transparent government.

  2. Dan: Once again, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    You write: “If you pressure the GOP candidates to open up their records, it will echo back on Obama this summer. And we all know how open he has been..”

    The truth is that Obama has released his tax returns for each of the past 12 years.

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