Romney peddles flat-out falsehoods concerning Obama’s statements about Israel

Mitt Romney seems to have won last night’s Republican presidential debate, but along the way he delivered up a few WHOPPERS about President Obama’s public statements concerning Israel.

An example:

Romney said Obama “went before the United Nations and castigated Israel for building settlements. He said nothing about thousands of rockets being rained on Israel from the Gaza Strip.”

In fact, Obama invoked the threat of rockets into Israel in that speech last fall. “Israel’s citizens have been killed by rockets fired at their houses and suicide bombs on their buses. Israel’s children come of age knowing that throughout the region, other children are taught to hate them,” he said.

Obama has taken a tough stand on Israeli settlements. However, the Obama administration strongly defended Israel’s interests twice last year at the United Nations. The United States was the only country to veto a February resolution in the U.N. Security Council calling for a halt in Israeli construction in the West Bank. The United States also pledged to veto the Palestinians’ bid to join the United Nations and lobbied against the bid going forward. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed Obama’s opposition as a “badge of honor.”




  1. RedRover

    Every last Israeli settlement built in the territories occupied by Israel after the 6-Day war is ILLEGAL. The annexation of East Jerusalem is ILLEGAL.

    Obama is a lawyer. Yet he endorsed these ILLEGAL settlements by vetoing a UNSC resolution calling for a halt to their construction and by continuing to fund those ILLEGAL settlements by sending nearly $3 billion in foreign aid to that country.

    Why is it that the Israeli criminal regime is supported by both establishment political parties?

    The outrage about Romney’s comments is not that they are lies, but that the policy that both he and Obama supports makes Israeli crimes pay, and that is treason in my book.

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wars_involving_Israel
    Since its establishment in 1948, the State of Israel has fought seven recognized wars, two Palestinian Intifadas, and a series of armed conflicts in the broader Arab-Israeli conflict.
    1948 Arab–Israeli War (November 1947 – July 1949)
    Retribution operations (1950s – 1960s) –
    Suez Crisis (October 1956) –
    Six-Day War (June 1967) –
    War of Attrition (1967–1970) –
    Yom Kippur War (October 1973)
    1978 South Lebanon conflict (March 1978)
    1982 Lebanon War (1982)
    South Lebanon conflict (1982–2000)
    First Intifada (1987–1993) –
    Second Intifada (2000–2005)
    2006 Lebanon War (summer 2006)
    Gaza War (December 2008 – January 2009)

    Seems to me, Red Rover, that a lot of muslim arabs don’t like jews. We would probably all be better off if they just committed mass suicide and let the peaceloving palestinians and other arabs in the region take over Israel. It would become a paradise, land of milk and honey, and example state for all the other freely elected governments and peace loving muslim societies in the Middle East.

    You’ve got a lot of nerve talking about ILLEGAL. When one side wins a war, the winner typically gets to take what they want and call the shots (that’s called “the history of civilization”. There are several books on the subject, maybe you should read a few of them).
    Since you are so hot on returning illegally obtained land, how about giving native Americans the western hemisphere back? I’m sure you are willing to move back to “the old country” wherever that is. Or at least have the courtesy to commit suicide and get out of the way of the LEGAL owners.

    I believe the Normans also illegally conquered England in 1066. World Court, here we come with THAT case!

    P.S. the Palestinians already have a homeland-it’s called Jordan.

  3. RedRover

    Terry C says:
    You’ve got a lot of nerve talking about ILLEGAL. When one side wins a war, the winner typically gets to take what they want and call the shots (that’s called “the history of civilization”. There are several books on the subject, maybe you should read a few of them).

    Israel ratified the 4th Geneva Convention in 1951. William the Conqueror never did. Therefore Israel is bound by international law to obey its provisions.

    Section III, Article 49 of that treaty specifically deals with countries that occupy territories belonging to another country: “The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.”

    When Iraq conquered Kuwait, did we allow them to “take what they want”? Why should the rule be different for Zionist terrorists who stole Palestine from its indigenous people?

    There is NO legal and moral justification for the partition of Palestine, just as there was no justification for the partition of Poland between Stalin and Hitler in 1939.

  4. Red Rover, apparently you ignored the part of my post about Israel being hated and attacked repeatedly by all the law-abiding Arab governments around it continuously for 60 years. Taking their land is exactly what they deserve.

  5. RedRover

    Terry C. : If someone broke into your home, attacked you and stole it and all your possessions, would you not hate them and fight back?

    But this is not the thing that most disgusts me about this news article. If I were to summarize it, I would say:

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
    Who’s the most devoted Zionist stooge of them all
    Because he is most suited to be president?

    If Obama and Romney so love Israel, the country that has killed American servicemen, then I say they should both be deported to that country, and the sooner the better.
    America for Americans!

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