At Fox News, looks (and legs) matter more than brains




A couple of months ago, I posted the above photos in a piece about Fox News Channel’s obsession with women’s legs.

Today, I offer you this tidbit about how Fox News boss Roger Ailes’ seems to think that looks count more than anything else in judging on-air talent:

In hotel rooms when he’s traveling, Ailes sometimes scouts talent by watching the local news with the sound off. “One of Roger’s ideas is you watch TV with the sound down,” Shine said. “If that screen or that person on that screen is so compelling that you want to put the sound up, that show or that person is doing something right.”

That paragraph is from THIS PIECE about the success of FNC.



  1. Milton Waddams

    This isn’t just Fox News, but most all of TV. Sex sells and ever since news became a profit center it has gotten sexier, sadly.

  2. dogrescuer

    Those pictures work for me! I may have to switch to the Republican Party, unless us Democrats can come up with our own pics!

  3. And we wonder why Faux viewers are the least informed. Anchorbabes!

  4. shawnnews

    Wasn’t the idea of the movie “Broadcast News” the same — but using men as examples?

  5. That’s why it’s called “Fox” News.

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