Ah, sweet justice! Once again, Mitt Romney gets a taste of his own medicine

Mitt Romney is COMPLAINING that something he said yesterday about not being “concerned about the very poor” in America has been unfairly taken out of context by his critics on both the left and right.

Perhaps so, but this is the same Mitt Romney who regularly takes things Barack Obama has said out of context.

To cite just one glaring example, Romney’s campaign ran a TV ad in New Hampshire that showed a clip of Obama saying “if we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.” The clip was from the 2008 presidential campaign, and Obama was quoting an aide to Republican candidate John McCain.

Confronted with the dishonesty of this New Hampshire ad — an ad that Mitt Romney specifically approved — the Romney camp admitted that the quote was out of context but was intended to remind people that “Obama doesn’t want to talk about the economy.” But that claim only compounds the dishonesty. Obama actually talks about the economy in public statements almost every day.

So, Romney’s whining about his comment about the “very poor” having been taken out of context is just hypocrisy.

And what makes the kerfuffle about Romney’s gaffe especially delicious is that so many conservatives are faulting him for it, as we see HERE and HERE and HERE

ADDENDUM: When Romney took the aforementioned quote from Obama out of context this past fall, Think Progress gave him a good dose of his own medicine with this clever little video:





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  1. Mitt’s idea of a safety net is what he wears at night to keep his hair in place.

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