Will Ron Paul forgo third-party run so as not to hurt his good buddy Mitt Romney’s chances?


It says HERE that Ron Paul has become a close friend of Mitt Romney and therefore is not likely to become an independent candidate for president lest it diminish Romney’s chances of unseating Barack Obama.

I’m not sure I buy this theory, but I’m guessing that it will rile some of Dr. Paul’s more zealous followers.

UPDATE: Paul is also DEFENDING Romney in the matter of his gaffe about poor people.



  1. billybob thorton

    Paul is def not romney’s buddy , Pat Cunningham . Paul will not be running third party unless he knows he has an enormous amount of pledged delegates that will def vote for him in the general election. But getting there without having his delegates stolen will be hard to do. also his son could come back and run for office in 2016 , by then the nation will most def be needing a true conservative president , not these fake crony wanna be neo-conservative throwbacks that the GOP has raked up this election cycle. RON PAUL 2012 he is the only one that can make an actual change to what it means to be an american , proud and truthful is what our nation needs to be exagerating , more transparency!!!

  2. Try being objective and considering other possibilities before you spout non-sense, I shouldn’ have to tell a journalist/blogger/whatever that. Ron Paul is obviously not your average politician and does not play by the same game. He does not try to spin other people’s words and is probably the most honest politician in the country. Ron Paul is a capitalist and he’s not going to say anything or attack his rivals in anyway that would go against that principle, unlike Newt. Ron Paul and Mitt Romney agree on some issues and disagree on others. One BIG reason why Ron Paul would not run third party is because doing that will distance the libertarians further from the GOP and today’s politics, why would he throw all of that away after he’s come this far? On the same note, running third party would hurt his son’s political career.

  3. Wow… really? Because Ron Paul is making an honest assessment of Romeny’s comments he’s good buddies with Romney??????

    Complete nonsense logic. Ron Paul is just being honest about what he believe Romney meant.

  4. Wait, because theyre not at each others throats on every slip up, that means they have some sort of political bromance?


    Its been clear this is going to be a Paul-Romney race since the start. Once the other airheads drop out, you better believe ron paul would start swinging.

    Another example of the MSM trying to push the 3rd party thing and think for us. Get lost

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