Oh, how some Republicans hate it when Obama invokes his Christian faith!

As we all know by now, your average Republican right-winger despises any display on President Obama’s part of his Christian beliefs.

The wingnuts would so much prefer that Obama was a Muslim. Indeed, some of them even remain convinced that he is.

For the looneys, the problem with Obama’s Christianity is that it makes it more difficult to cast him as the dreaded Other, the frighteningly exotic mixed-race alien whose belief system is somehow different from that of your average American.

It’s no surprise, then, that Sen. Orrin Hatch, the Utah Republican, expressed UMBRAGE the other day at Obama’s scriptural references in his address at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Obama just can’t win with these people. When they’re not falsely complaining that he’s insufficiently religious, they’re complaining that he’s too religious or that he has a messianic complex.

If I were him, I would tell them all to go to hell. But he’s too much of a Christian to do that.



  1. Ken Holmes

    You are rather rabid, aren’t you. Still, Mr. Obama’s faith is syncretistic and universalist; he uses the precepts of the Christian faith that he believes support his goals. And, no, he is not the first nor will he likely be the last to do so.

    I believe there is only one human race so I can’t even tell you that race is not an issue. It is more like a case of sibling rivalry, albeit, often severe.

    The wingnuts and loonies are also human beings as is Mr. Obama.

    Ken Holmes

  2. Brad jjjjjjjj

    its funny how he’s doing everything he can to remove God from our society until he thinks it benefits him. Hmm lets see Taxes for instance in the bible it expresses 10% but you lefties want to steal all the wealth and create an equaly miserable society. You can’t can’t keep spewing garbage out of both sides of your mouth, and you on the left are always complaining about how mean and nasty republicans are but I wonder if you’ve ever listened to things that come out of your “we are the tolerant crowd” mouths. I’ve heard more vicious rhetoric spewed from you lefties as I’ve heard from that idiot david duke, you are no better than he is. Can’t we agree to disagree without all the name calling. You Pat would be whining and crying if a conserative said the things about your side as you say about their side on a daily bases..

  3. labman57

    Many social conservatives believe that they have full “ownership” of the Christian faith. Bombastic, sanctimonious blowhards such as Beck and Coulter go so far as to suggest that all liberals and progressives hate God in general.

    One fundamental problem is that social conservatives equate spirituality with a literal interpretation of the Bible as “the word of God”.

  4. shawnnews

    Even “Biblical literalists” make up their own version of Christianity. Many Christians seem to believe that wealth and riches are a sign of honor from God . They use some old testament passages to justify this belief.
    In Luke 16:19-31, which if I remember right is the only passage that describes someone in hell we see it is the rich man begging for Abraham to send Lazarus to give him water. The difference is that Jesus (who Christianity is supposed to be about) is saying these things.
    Of course, none of this will stop evangelists from getting rich and telling others that if they want better pay or some economic justice that they are really Marxist-socialists.
    Personally, I don’t want anyone to go to hell. I want people paid according to the market value of their labors.
    You could also take that passage to show that the rich man was cruel to Lazarus by only giving him the crumbs off his table. This again shows, the Bible and all text based religions are interpetable. Thus people make their own versions of the religion they claim.
    We can do that in this country as long as we remain without an official religion.

  5. T. Hammond

    A rational person must judge others by what they DO, not by what they say. Mr. Obama claims to be a christian but has clearly and repeatedly done everything he can to remove God from our societal framework. I am not a Christian and therefore have no personal agenda here but if these actions by the president are merely meant to satisfy the progressive’s worship of absurd political correctness, then why has he concurrently done everything possible to cater to Muslim causes? Is it any wonder that people think he is secretly a Muslim considering his background and specifically his closeted actions these last 3 years.

  6. T.Hammond: I know this is an old thread but your comment was ridiculous. Do you have concrete examples of what the President has done to “remove God from our societal framework?” What “closeted actions” are you referring to? How has he “catered” to Muslim causes? And, I’m looking for actual legislation or executive orders here. Not crazy crap you find buried on some right-wing wacko’s website. Can’t wait to hear your reply.

  7. monkey: Don’t hold your breath. You’re not going to any reply from that nitwit, at least none that makes any sense.

  8. Why is part of NASA “s new responsibility to point out muslim acheivements ?

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