Instead of Catholics and contraception, think of Scientologists and mental-health services

If you think the ObamaCare rule requiring Catholic institutions (with some exceptions) to provide coverage for contraception in their health plans is an unconstitutional attack on religion, think again.

Imagine, if you will, that an institution run by Scientologists chose to deny its non-Scientologist employees coverage for mental-health services. Would the ObamaCare rule be unconstitutional in a case like that?

Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune envisions just such a scenario in THIS PROVOCATIVE PIECE about the current controversy regarding Catholic institutions.

By the way, I can also imagine situations in which Islamic institutions might want to deny certain kinds of health-care coverage to its non-Muslim employees, especially the women. Would the right-wingers be as enraged in such a case as they are with the ObamaCare rule as applied to Catholic institutions? I doubt it.



  1. Eric Zorn

    Thanks for the kind words, but want to make sure readers know that the analogy to Scientology was first suggested by American Conservative pundit Noah Millman, and I picked it up and ran with it.

  2. Eric: I think your piece makes that clear.

  3. I cant wait for the first islamic complaint about this, we’ll see how fast they back track on it because you know you cant be an islamophobe, afterall they have the greatest womens reproductive rights benefits on the planet, Where were you when muslim cab drivers refused to transport people with alchohol in New York a few years back, I heard NO SNIDE remarks about that at all. You know Canada could probably use more people like you there if it sucks so bad here why dont you become a Canadian, instead of trying to trash this country for which I fought in a war for.

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