Wow! Ricky says Mitty may have rigged wingnut straw poll!

Gee whiz! This incessant Republican infighting is so upsetting!

I mean, these people are always calling one another liars and adulterers and cheaters and such. It’s all so unseemly.

And now HERE‘s Rick Santorum darkly hinting that Mitt Romney’s people unfairly manipulated the presidential straw poll at this past week’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

I’m telling you, folks, if only half of what these GOP candidates are saying about one another is true, none of them is morally fit for high office.

Perhaps we should just skip the expense and bother of an election this year and grant Barack Obama a second term by acclamation. Why run the risk that one of these Republican malefactors could be elected?

UPDATE: THIS GUY says Sarah Palin would have won the straw poll at the right-wing hoedown if she were a candidate for president.

What does that tell you about the prevailing intellectual firepower among the assembled throng?


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  1. The tea party express is now boarding for Newt’s moon colony.

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