Poll: Obama leads Romney by eight points among all voters, nine points among independents

What’s most noteworthy in the Pew Poll chart above is the precipitous decline in support for Mitt Romney among independent voters in a hypothetical matchup with President Obama.

In just one month, Mittens has lost eight percentage points among independents, while Obama has gained 11 points.

Romney presumably will lose even more ground among independents if he further sucks up to fringe elements of the Republican Party in his effort to stave off Rick Santorum.

The moral of this whole story is that the Tea Party wackos have painted the GOP into a corner.

Don’t ya love it?


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  1. Tea Party

    The ‘journalists’, including here, have been leading with the headline that ‘the economy keeps getting better’ for the last two months. Eventually, brainwashing has some effect. However, Obama’s approval is little better. Incumbents are stuck when they can’t get above 45%, except in the most regressive run polls.

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