Another blast from Santorum’s past: He said liberals can’t be Christians and vice-versa

It seems that with each passing day anymore, another intemperate remark from Rick Santorum’s past emerges and adds to the perception that he’s a fanatical religious bigot.

This past weekend, I told you HERE about a speech of four years ago in which Santorum said that satanic forces have infested mainline Protestantism in America to the point that “it is in shambles, it is gone from the world of Christianity.”

And now another rant from that same year has resurfaced, one in which Santorum said that anyone who doesn’t share his right-wing political views — in other words, any political liberal — is not really a Christian.

The story is HERE.

Is it any wonder that most Democrats would dearly love to see this crackpot win the Republican presidential nomination?

UPDATE: It says HERE that some conservatives are becoming alarmed by Santorum’s extremism.

UPDATE II: Ed Kilgore’s CHARACTERIZATION of Santorumism is a good one:

Largely missing in the discussion of Santorum’s subscription to a supernatural cosmology is the fact that he views American history as essentially a struggle between “true Christians” like himself on the one hand, and Beelzebub on the other, in which the latter has already conquered academia and mainline Protestantism, and is by inference exercising his infernal control via the policies of that noted former academic and mainline Protestant, the President of the United States. Much of what Santorum has to say about current events is heavily colored by this “worldview,” most notably the belief that the president and his devilish supporters are laboring to wipe out “true” Christianity by forcing its staunch defenders, from the U.S. Conference of Bishops to innocent job-creators, to become complicit in such idolatrous practices as the slaughter of zygotes and the worship of the false idols of reproductive rights and the Environmental Earth-Goddess.



  1. Tea Party

    How is it intemperate if it is true?

    This is gentile compared to the everything that is untrue that is being said by protest-ant Democrats about Catholics.

    Most ‘mainline’ protest-ant ‘buildings’ have diverged away from Christianity and endorsed a form of political activism theology. Santorum was specifically referring to the political activism of the United ****** of ******. That ‘building’ has been flawed since its origin.

  2. Tea Party: Spare us the semi-literate gibberish in the above comment. (Your third paragraph was especially non-sensical.)

    Instead, you should deal with this matter:

    You recently wrote here:

    “Obama isn’t a Christian. He isn’t a Muslim, either, although he does prefer that way of life. He is an atheist.”

    I’ve asked you three times to provide evidence supporting any of that crap. But you’ve offered nothing.

    You’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. You’re entitled to be a sniveling little bigot, but you’re not allowed to say here, without any evidence, that Obama prefers the Muslim way of life or that he is an atheist.

    Put up or shut up.

    By the way, I loved your apparent misuse of the word “gentile” in your comment. Or was that some subtle bit of anti-semitism?

  3. dogrescuer

    The fact that Santorum is so high in the polls shows to what intellectual depth the Republican Party has fallen.

  4. Gee, whiz! If liberals can’t be Christian, but what do we do with Jesus?


    Gee, whiz! If liberals can’t be Christian, then what do we do with Jesus?

  6. Tea Party: The latest comment you’ve submitted for this thread won’t be published until you address the issue I raised in response to your first comment (above).

  7. twinkie1cat

    Maybe I need to contact Mr. Santorum personally because I am a saved by grace, washed in the blood, baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit, Bible beleiving Christian and a political liberal. I thought I was a moderate. In Georgia I was a moderate. In Louisiana I am a liberal. I am more politically liberal than a lot of the people in my church and most of them are gay. I attend an evangelical church, sing in the choir and read the scriptures in the service sometimes.

    Personally, I don’t see how a person can be a political conservative and follow the walk of Christ, which is what Christians are supposed to do. I will not say that conservatives cannot be Christians because we are not allowed to say whether another person has Jesus in his or her heart or not. That is for God to judge. I know some conservatives who are saved, but they tend toward fiscal rather than social conservatism. One is blatantly Republican and gay. A lot are gay or gay supportive but otherwise conservative. And there are definitely a few who are saved who are social conservatives. It is only by the grace of God who is forgiving.

    Jesus was radical left. He was a good Jew but he went against all the laws the conservative religionists had made up over the years and said that the law would pass away because it was not needed anymore with his coming. His last words in his earthly body were “It is finished”. So I guess our Messiah, according to Rick Santorum would not be a Christian.

    There was another Christian liberal that the conservatives loved to attack a few years back. They made him a one term president and he went on and did a whole lot of good for organizations like Habitat for Humanity and also helped students in the inner city schools of Atlanta. He is a Christian, a Baptist and a Sunday School teacher and he lead a portion of his congregation into forming a new church when they would not let a black couple join Plains Baptist. His name is President Jimmy Carter. Conservatives also claimed he was not a Christian because he was not a conservative. Some guy said that on the Laura Ingalls show a few years back.

    The Bible says that Satan will come to deceive even God’s people. A lot of conservatives are going to be extremely shocked when they look around at heaven and see who got in. They will also be quite mortified when they see that their “mansion in glory” is a shed behind a gay Christian’s mansion because they did not do God’s work. The rest of them will have denied Jesus Christ and won’t get in at all. They are just politco-religionists who have substituted politics for faith.

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