Wake up, Ron Paul fans! Your hero is going out of his way to help Mitt Romney become president!

One of the strangest aspects of this strange presidential campaign season is the close friendship that has developed between uber-libertarian Ron Paul and and plutocrat Mitt Romney.

Three weeks ago today, I wrote about this peculiar phenomenon HERE, and there have since been numerous other media musings on how Paul and Romney have become such good buddies.

This relationship has gone well beyond mere cordiality. It’s become downright political. On more than one occasion, Paul has dipped into his campaign kitty to pay for ads attacking Romney’s principal rivals for the Republican nomination. In Iowa, for example, when Newt Gingrich was riding high in the polls a month or so before the January caucuses, Paul unleashed a flurry of ads denigrating the former speaker of the House. The result: Gingrich finished in fourth place.

And now that Rick Santorum has become a top-tier candidate, Paul is giving the Romney campaign some of his opposition research on the former senator and is running this slick attack ad in Michigan:





  1. I dunno, it wouldn’t make much sense of the guy running on a free market, state’s rights platform to attack the man who got rich off the free market then exercised state’s rights as governor.

    Romney may be a flip-flopper, but he’s the only one who doesn’t have Washington insider experience. He’s also the only one who hasn’t come down on the side of military action in Iran.

    And ultimately, is it really wise for the small-but-determined Paul campaign to start putting money down trying to take down the Romney juggernaut?

    If it comes down to an ad war or anything else depending on campaign funds, Romney can afford to fire a lot more shots.

    To me it seems practical to pick your battles carefully. Romney does a fine job of hurting himself on his own.

  2. Uh, I’m sorry.. Santorum is Romney’s rival? Did you ever think Ron Paul might see him as a rival for himself? Santorum has surged on the false pretense of being conservative, he’s won the most states, HE is the front runner now, of COURSE Ron Paul attacks him to point out he’s not conservative. He’s done the same to Romney. He’s pointing out he is the only one left, and the ONLY true conservative. Not some little twerp like Santorum that can’t even claim to be socially conservative when he helped fund Planned Parenthood!

  3. Go Ron Paul! Play the game and beat them all!
    Pat Cunningham get a life.

  4. Because one on one, Paul is proven to be more conservative than Romney. One on one with Santorum, Paul is more conservative than Ricky, but the mainstream portrays Ricky as the more conservative one because of his social conservatism… Santorum is the biggest “enemy” to the Paul campaign, second Newt, because somehow newt is the “tea Party” candidate (I have no idea how) and his feisty demeanor draws people in (kinda like Hitler, but not as extreme?). Romney is the least guy to worry about, he’s hardly conservative, and everyone knows it. The strategy must be to prove how un-conservative Rick and Newt are, and that all three are the same… then Paul would be the true-conservative alternative… (if the MSM could ever accept that, Idoubt it)…

  5. Bead StallCup

    Pat [censored], the effeminate, old sugar boy. Hates being a man and hates being white. Now that’s bigotry. Comes from watching too much leftist TV, and taking it all too seriously.

  6. jellyfish

    You wake up! You forget the Ad: Mitt the Flip-Flopper run by Paul’s PAC? What does it hae to do with Mitt when PAUL runs his ad against Ricky????
    I like this new ad about Ricky Hypocrite. I am happy my donation goes to make this one.

    Go RON PAUL!

  7. Neil Elliott

    hahahahahahaha Good luck on your brain surgery.

  8. The foregoing comments are what passes for political sophistication among Ron Paulists.


  9. After listening to Ron Paul, I believe in these 3 very important things:

    1) Keynesian economics is proving to have failed

    2) The national debt is the greatest national security threat. Not Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan or North Korea.

    3) Big government has been captured by big corporations. Limit government, and you limit big corporations influence and sway.

  10. While your perspective has been rehashed several times I would like to point out a few things.
    For starters Ron Paul and Mitt Romney arent technically going after the same “group” of people. There has been discussion of a Romney vs. Not-Romney republican base, so Dr. Paul needs to tap into the Not-Romney base. Does that help Mitt? Of course it does, a fractured not-Mitt crowd allows him place better than what would happen if this was a two person race. So what is the point of attacking? It is necessary to attack Santorum and Gingrich because weeding them out is the only necessary path to garner the not-Romney vote, and while it helps Romney in the mean time, it also helps Dr. Paul. The story I would be looking at closely is the possibility of a brokered convention, something I feel may very well come to pass if Romney looses Michigan and Virginia.

  11. Cat man do

    Don’t be ridiculous. Why is that when liberals can’t find anything real to talk about they just make stuff up and always the labels. Give us a break will ya? You are losing your country too and you won’t like it when the truth sets in, but then it will be too late. Ron Paul 2012 The only one the people can trust. Remember Hitler had his supporters too and they got to see what they supported first hand and clean up the bodies. The media and the talking heads that sold America Obama are the same ones that that lie about Ron Paul.

  12. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan perot carter

    Lots of smoke and mirrors.

    Do you want Dr Ron to defeat President Obama
    or ………….. President Obama to defeat Mittens?

    Your Choice

  13. Michael Turner

    Actually , Mitt Romney is the one Ron Paul would rather face in the long run.
    Please note that Dr. Paul called for Santorum and Gingrich to drop out a long timeago.
    Gingrich and Santorum both didnt even qualify to be on the ballot in every state.
    Ron Paul and Mitt Romney go head to head for over 560 delegates so his strategy seems logical.
    Get rid of the distractions so Ron Paul can draw the contrast to Romney sooner.

    Whats with all the Ad homenem retorts? Why don’t you guys just admit that you oppose the US Constitution , stop kidding yourself about being patriotic.
    Ron Paul has the highest military donations of all candidates including Obama.
    His foreign policy to Israel is consistant with the israeli prime minister.
    His foreign policy among our own CIA , the head of the Bin Laden Unit and the head of Able Danger is strongly supported.
    His positions are lock step with the Constitution for over 30 years.
    if you dont like the constitution there are plenty of countries that espose your ideologies, maybe you should go there.

  14. Anonymous

    The framers considered the lessons of history when crafting the Constitution, but some people are just far too fond of repeating and doubling down on rather than learning from mistakes.

  15. Pat you illustrated perfectly how you just don’t get it with a comment like that. You segregate people into groups and then denounce anyone affiliated with that group an intellectual boob. The message of Ron Paul is about the individual not about groups. No one should be granting or denying rights to groups.
    I do like to imagine you typing that comment with a smug look on your face

  16. The Paul campaign is trying to work the situation to where Paul is the non-Romney option, it is pretty basic……

  17. Judging by the headlines of this guy’s articles……….. he must not be doing well so he has to make up stuff to get readers.

    This is junk journalism and opinion. But then again, he is a liberal and we expect junk from liberals.Judging by the headlines of this guy’s articles……….. he must not be doing well so he has to make up stuff to get readers.

    This is junk journalism and opinion. But then again, he is a liberal and we expect junk from liberals.

  18. Mitt Romney doesn’t need any help from Dr. Ron Paul to become president. Mitt has the entire establishment as well as the media pushing his bid. If Ron can be the final one standing with Mitt he can easily distinguish himself from the liberal moderate from Mass. I don’t know what establishment Republicans are thinking trying to beat Obama with Mitt… it’ll never happen.

    Ron Paul 2012

  19. He’s not trying to “help” Mittens. He is trying to knock out Santorum and Newt so he is the only Romney alternative left standing. Duh.
    I guess we can assume the author is not a campaign strategist lol.

  20. Adan Rodriguez

    Mitt Romney won’t be president. The author is mistaken.

  21. You are just trying to muddy the water and confuse people with this article. Ron Paul is in it to win and if the truthful things he say’s in his ads make one candidate look bad and another better, that has nothing to do with trying to help a RINO get into office. Ron Paul is the real deal. People had better get on board to save the Republic or it will be tyranny from this election on. Go Ron Paul!

  22. I think their strategy goes soomewhat like this. All 3 of them are jockeying for the anti-romney position. Rick and Newt are only taking votes away from Paul. If Paul outlasts the other two candidates then it’s a two-man race. Romney gets the nomination with Rand Paul as VP and Ron doesn’t go third party.

  23. This insightful piece brought to you by someone likely to be foolish enough to vote for “hope and Change” the last go around…… Is anyone suprised.

    Calling Paul supporters to “Wake up!” is the equivalent to asking someone to go back into Plato’s cave and look at the truth displayed on the wall, only the ignorant could possibly believe this to be any type of solution. Once you have seen the truth, you can never go back!

  24. Mr. Cunningham,

    I don’t know how you ‘liberals’ do it, but for us Ron Paul people, it’s not really about Ron Paul at all. It’s about the liberty message. He talks about the things we care about. And if he stopped doing that, if all of a sudden he started saying that government was the solution to our problems, if he started saying that war was good… well, people would be abandoning him in droves.

    I guess you guys latch on to a personality, like Obama, maybe. And Obama can do anything, like kill American citizens without due process, or bomb Libya without the advice or consent of Congress, or sign a law saying it’s OK for the military to detain American citizens who are suspected of terrorist ties. Obama can do any/all of that – and it’s ok with you guys because you’ve invested in his personality.

    We’re a cult of liberty not a cult of Ron Paul. When he betrays the principles of liberty – I’ll disavow him. Until then GO, Ron, GO!

  25. American_overseas

    Shame on you Pat, you allege … quote, “The foregoing comments are what passes for political sophistication among Ron Paulists. Yipes! ” unquote … and after a display of poor journalism aka an op-ed ??? Grief ! Dr Paul’s supporters at least do their homework before arriving to their conclusions. Furthermore, alluding that Romney needs help from Dr Paul especially after the disasters of the exposed GOP fishy fraud antics in Iowa and Maine designed to shove Mittens down our throats is in my opinion just another ludicrous example of presstitute fears that Dr Paul may be the only man of character to restore the true American culture and the real change that we all wanted in 2008. While what Mormon Romney and Catholics Gingrich/Santorum believes in will ultimately determine how they will think and act in such a responsible high political position, I like Obama as a person, however, I was unfortunatelydisappointed by an exhibited lack of courage as a leader to take the reins away from Banksters & Co. in order to defend and protect the Constitution and honorably serve all the people. I find it sad observing the on-going fraud and lies destroying the American dream for hard-working citizens of the middle-to-lower classes while pandering to the uber-rich, the illegals and Israel, who to my knowledge has not become the 51st state. Anyone ho has paid attention knows that Dr Paul is the only candidate who has decades of concrete experience and knowledge serving the public to recognize the root of the problem(s) and rationally comprehends what solutions are urgently required to remove and heal the infection(s), while the others only seek to solicitate like door-to-door salesmen selling cheap/pretty bandaids to cover up or hide the gangrene the establishment is slowly developing to kill yours, mine and every single American’s civil rights.

  26. ha. your political strategy is sorely lacking foresight. with a fractured field, the odds of a paul candidacy lessen. however, if paul can knock out the other two (gingrich & santorum) and narrow the field of choices to himself and romney, he can paint a very clear picture of contrast between the two. in fact, he wouldn’t have to work hard to do so. it would be very self-evident who the real conservative is when lined up next to the markedly un-conservative record of romney. it should be obvious to all, except the truly naive (ahem, author) which candidate the conservative base would back, not to mention the rather obvious strategy of this move (attacking santorum and gingrich) from the paul campaign.

  27. Mr. Cunningham,

    I assure you that you may have your facts correct; however, your presumptions are slightly incorrect. While, Ron Paul attack ads against any other candidates RECORD does by virtue help Paul and the remaining two candidates. It is not intended to aid anyone elses campaign. Since, day one Paul has stated and pushed his record and consistency that has set him apart as the only true conservative. Facts that are indisputable, yet mysteriously absent from any major news or blog publication. The facade conservatives have all had their moment of “conservative base support” first Pawlenty, then Bachman, then Perry, then Cain, then Santorum, then Newt, and now Santorum again… It seems everytime the media or the talking heads push one of these characters as the “conservative”, the one to the right of Romney that candidate wins elections…So it would be far more accurate for you to say that Ron Paul is merely pointing out the absurdity of the claim that Rick Santorum is a true consistent conservative. Thus in turn ensuring true conservatives will continue their quest to place their important vote with a candidate that best fits their beliefs. Given enough time all people will turn to the internet for aide in choosing a candidate, and since Ron Paul has yet to receive any true form of vetting from the media, excluding the newsletters. They have yet to find any substantive proof of Paul knowing, writing, or signing off on those articles, because I assure you if they had I would see it on every news station 6 times a day…and more than likely read it in this blog. However, Paul’s continued no votes on non-balanced budgets, his consistent (30 years) record of constitutional restraint, his prediction of the financial collapse, or his staggering plan to cut 1 trillion from the budget his first year in office have yet to receive any form of substantial news or blog coverage.


    P.S To everyone else that reads this letter. I urge you to examine the policies and stances of ALL candidates before making a decision. We all know this country can not stay on this course. It is up to us to chart the right direction.

  28. Seriously? Did you get paid to say that as well?
    Ron Paul is the only hope America has of making any sort of comeback. Even people from other countries think so.

    RON PAUL 2012!

  29. I think it has a lot more to do with the fact that Paul is going after the “anybody but Romney” vote, so it would be irrelevant to try and bash the beast. It would turn out utterly fruitless especially for the cost it would take to over barren his money supply; which is huge (GS BofA JPM and such), RP is on the right track. You keep making those leaps though bud, maybe one of these articles you’ll actually get noticed by the establishment and get your nice Maddow spot 😛

  30. complete and total nonsense.. I have been seeing this narrative trying to establish itself over the last few days that Ron Paul is secretly helping Romney.. But it is not true, the simple fact is that Ron Paul is helping himself and the cause of liberty.. He has made many attack ads against Romney towards the earlier parts of the primaries , I think he is just laying off Romney right now because he is trying to cull this race to two front runners : Himself and Romney , It’s a brilliant strategy to be honest . Just wait until there are only 2 men standing , Mitt and Ron , that’s when the gloves come off.

  31. So Ron Paul is somehow helping Romney out by attacking Santorum? Cute theory except the only way Paul would help Romney is if he leaves the race. Paul is doing Mitt no favors by making it more difficult for Romney to get the delegates needed for the GOP nomination. Paul simply wants Newt & Santorum to continue to split the evangelical vote since it’s not likely that he’ll get those votes anyway.

    You can just as easily say that Newt is going out of his way to help Santorum by not attacking him, especially considering that it’s Santorum, not Romney who is the one with all the momentum and leading all the polls leading up to Super Tuesday.

    It’s just silly.

  32. Some Say: In war and love, everything is valid to win a war. And if Ron Paul knows That strategy will serve you historical to the Revolution (the wise man) will do what you Have to do. I trust him, I knows what I does.

    Ron Paul and Mitt Romney would be a great duo! As for seeing them together would lead America to the right path! really for

  33. Anonymous

    Pat go look up Ron Paul vs. the #HONESTMISTAKE on YouTube and once you realize what’s really going on your world view might quickly change.

  34. i’ve got an idea…when RON PAUL becomes president, mitt romney can go get his coffee for him…how’s that for an alliance?

  35. Hopefully the crazy uncle in the basement will soon be transported back to the planet Libertaria

  36. One of the oldest tactics in the history of conflicts is ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’.

    When you’re in a fight with 3 other opponents you don’t win by dividing your resources fighting all 3 at the same time or picking a fight with the one with the most resources. You pick the weaker ones off one by one.

    The Maine results were a good indicator of how well Ron Paul can do with Gingrich and Santorum out of the way. Unlike Romney, Gingrich and Santorum rely heavily on results. If they fail to get results, their funding will disappear.

    Do the math.

  37. Little Joe...

    We must recapture what it means to be free. By this we need not all become policy wonks, waste our time studying the details of this or that political initiative or sector of life. We need to form a new approach to thinking about society and government, one that imagines that we can get along without such central management…
    We need to become more tolerant of the imperfections that come with freedom and we need to give up the illusion that somehow putting government in charge of anything is going to improve its workings, much less bring on utopia…
    We need to come to see government as it is, not as we wish it to be and not as the civics books describe it. And we need to surrender our attachments to government in every aspect of life. This goes for the right and the left. We need to give up our dependencies on the state, materially and spiritually. We should not look to the state to provide for us financially or psychologically…
    Let us give up our longing for welfares, our love of wars and our desire to see the government control and shape our fellow citizens. Let us understand that; it’s far better to live in an imperfect world than it is to live in a despotic world ruled by people who lord it over us through force and intimidation…
    We need a new understanding of what it means to be a great nation; it should mean, as George Washington said that our nation is a beacon unto the world not that we conquer the world militarily impose our will on everyone or even remain number one in the GDP rankings…
    Our sense of what it means to be great Must First be Defined by Morality…
    We must come to imagine Liberty again and believe that it can be a reality. In order to do this, we don’t need songs, slogans, rallies, programs or even a political party. All we need is access to good ideas, some degree of idealism and the courage to embrace the Liberty so many great people of the past have embraced…
    Liberty built civilization. It can rebuild civilization. And when the tides turn and the culture again celebrates what it means to be free, our battle has been won. It could happen in our time. It might happen after we’re gone from this earth. But it will happen. Our job in this generation is to prepare the way…

  38. matthew moore

    Let’s just say it like it is. There is a push by the liberal bloggers, MSM, MSM pundits, liberal talking heads, etc. to hurt Romney because they fear his candidacy the most. Paul atacked all three opponents in his last ad – and that is the truth. Where is the rule that having difference on politics means you can’t be civil and respectful of an opponent. Oh yes, let’s not forget $5/gal gasoline you Dems out there and your Leader givin a speech offering no solutions on how to combat it in the short term. If the european monetary problems come unraveled along with mid-east problems, the President is a one-termer – and that is a fact.

  39. The establishment golden boy puppet is and always has been Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney supporters are the walking dead who vote for who they are told like good little soldiers. Rick Santorum is the Tea party flavor of the week. Those votes are up for grabs when it comes to light that Santorums voting record proves he is not who he says he is. Which votes are you going to spend your money and breath going after? The ones you can get. If Ron Paul gets one Romney supporter to flip flop like the marionette they fawn over I would be shocked. Paul is the Godfather of the Tea Party which was hi-jacked into the GOP. Those Tea party votes are the key to Paul winning the nomination. Ron Paul will win the nomination if Santorum fails and drops out prior to the convention. If Santorum stays in, there will be a brokered convention and then he can win because he was smart enough to encourage his supporters to be delegates just in case that very thing happened. Either way Paul is a force to be reckoned with because he is smarter then us all!

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