The true face of voter fraud in America

The man in the police mug shots above is the poster boy for voter fraud in more ways than one.

His name is Charlie White. He’s one of those Republican politicians who have tried to justify their voter-suppression efforts with phony arguments that voter fraud is rampant in this country. It’s not. It’s actually as rare as hen’s teeth, as we see HERE.

So, Charlie White’s bogus claims about voter fraud actually constitute a form of voter fraud themselves. They’re lies, and lies, by definition, are fraudulent.

But Charlie’s penchant for voter fraud goes well beyond mere political rhetoric. It’s actually felonious. He’s the secretary of state in Indiana, and he was convicted earlier this month of six felony counts of voter fraud.

The one glaring injustice in his case is that he won’t be going to prison, which likely would have been the penalty if he were a black person.

The story is HERE.



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