Most Republicans in Mississippi think Obama is a Muslim

Barack Obama, according to a professor at a Southern Christian college, “may be the most explicitly Christian president in American history,” but that observation apparently is lost on some folks, as we see HERE:

According to a recently-released survey, many Alabama and Mississippi Republicans overwhelmingly believe President Obama to be Muslim. Public Policy Polling asked Republicans in the two states, “Do you think Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim, or are you not sure? In Alabama, 45% said “Muslim”, 41% said “unsure.” Only 14% said that the President is Christian.

Mississippi Republicans were even more distrusting of President Obama’s faith, with 52% saying he was Muslim, 36% unsure and only 12% saying Christian.



  1. Hardly surprising when your family tree is a wreath.

  2. dogrescuer

    Yes, what else could you expect from the Bible Belt?

  3. antiprogressive

    The United ‘Building’ of – isn’t a Christian organization. Mississippians, at least, have not been blinded or brainwashed into not questioning the Guy’s background. There is no better of an example than the Reverand Jeremiah Wright to reach the conclusion that there is no actual conviction to faith. I’m surprised that the left even continues to defend that ‘denomination’ of – . That is not Christianity. Catholic doctrine is Christianity. I cannot honestly tell you what the convictions of are. You cannot in good faith tell me what his convictions are. In 500 years, the aberration of the last 500 years simply will not be present. Christianity will be present, nothingness will simply be nothingness. Nothingness won’t attempt to characterize itself as Christianity then. Mississippians have had a long history of not being brainwashed. Union children have had a long history of being brainwashed, including being mesmerized by cult of personality figures.

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