Obama campaign using Palin’s rhetoric to raise funds

Barack Obama will not have the good fortune this year of facing a Republican ticket that includes Sarah Palin. But that doesn’t mean his re-election campaign can’t exploit the former Alaska governor’s preposterous rhetoric.

An excellent opportunity arises from Palin having recently argued on Fox News (see HERE) that Obama, the nation’s first black president, wants to take America back to the pre-Civil War days of slavery.

Here’s a campaign ad featuring Palin’s ridiculous claim:





  1. The gift that just keeps giving.

  2. shawnnews

    She and other Republicans poorly select analogies with racial themes: Obama wants to take us back to slavery, Obama is Hitler, etc. The scandals they attempt to manufacture are racial — the New Black Panthers, the Kenyan birth claims. It’s a weird strategy.

  3. She should look forward to an era that didn’t have much reading material.

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