Republicans doing their best to sink the U.S. economy

Anyone with even a flimsy grasp of political science recognizes that President Obama’s re-election prospects likely will improve if the American economy improves as the year goes on.

The flip-side of that equation, then, is that Republican fortunes likely will improve if the economic recovery stalls.

This raises the question of whether GOP lawmakers will simply watch with barely disguised delight at any downward economic trend — or actively do what they can to make sure that happens.

Michael Tomasky has a THEORY in that regard:

Every out-party does a little discreet cheering for the economy to be weak. But the GOP has put itself in a unique position. By opposing everything Obama wanted with such ferocity; by saying all those thousands of times that he had no clue about the economy; by sending out a parade of presidential candidates, from the semi-serious to the clown posse, all of whose central criticism of Obama is that he killed the economy—in all of these ways the party has more invested in economic failure than any out-party I can remember in my lifetime.

UPDATE: Brian Beutler has another angle on all of this HERE.



  1. Neftali

    Tell yourself something enough times, and no matter how ridiculous it is, you will eventually believe it to be true. This is the case with the liberals and their absurd allegation that Republicans are “intentionally wrecking the economy.”

    So liberals, since you claim to know everything, what’s the Republican plan after they take back the White House to fix the economy and getting everything running again with unemployment under 7% like it was during almost all the Bush years?

  2. Yes Neftali the unemployment rate was lower but it was much lower actually around 4.2 % and increased to 7.8 % near the end of Bush’s term. So the jobs were really starting to crash plus wasting a surplus and taking on Iraq. Since Obama entered office he has been swift boated relentlessly and I find it quite remarkable that he has been able to achieve success with 22 straight months of job growth despite the freefall that he inherited and the outright obstructionism from the GOP.

  3. RedRover

    A majority of Republicans and Democrats colluded together to “sink the US economy” when, over 10 years ago, they voted and signed into law a complete lifting of the restrictions and tariffs then placed on the import of goods made in Red China.

    Our manufacturing base was destroyed by this legislation. Our good jobs have gone to a totalitarian country where workers have no rights and the environment is not protected. Our wages for the jobs that remain, along with the tax revenues that came from those wages, have decreased or stagnated.

    How could our free working people compete with the de facto working class wage slaves of the Communist Party?

    The economy will not repair itself until we require that all imports into the US be manufactured according to the regulations in effect in this country. That’s what it would take to level the playing field. Any other “plan” to improve the economy that does not address that inequity is pure hokum.

    The destruction of our economy was bipartisan treason. Until working people realize that, they will get nowhere but ever further along in the race to the bottom, and get no one to vote for other than those politicians who will continue to do what they can to send them down there.

  4. Subject: Republicans doing their best to sink the U.S. economy

    That’s the Republican agenda. Past- present- and future.

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