Santorum’s argument against global warming is beyond stupid

What would you say if I told you that rainfall is always a good thing, no matter how heavy it is?

You would say I was wrong. You would say that a certain amount of rainfall is beneficial, but that too much of it can be disastrous.

OK, now what would you say if I told you that carbon dioxide is always a good thing, no matter how much of it there is in the environment?

Well, of course, you would be right if you said I was wrong. Yes, carbon dioxide is essential to maintaining plant and animal life on this planet. But too much of it can pollute the environment and cause global warming.

On that latter point, Rick Santorum begs to differ. He doesn’t want to believe in global warming, no matter the overwhelming consensus among climate scientists. Therefore, he’s inclined to scoff at any suggestion that too much carbon dioxide is a bad thing.

Just yesterday, Santorum SAID THIS to a group of presumably gullible admirers in Mississippi:

“The dangers of carbon dioxide? Tell that to a plant, how dangerous carbon dioxide is.”

I’m sure the yahoos in Santorum’s audience cheered his impressive grasp of environmental science. But anyone with half a brain would have had good cause to gasp at such ignorance.



  1. dogrescuer

    There’s no limit to Santorum’s ignorance.

  2. James Benison

    Our country has gone beyond tolerating stupid. Not only do we embrace dumb, we chastise knowledge and education.

    Next time you see an idiot, proudly state that they are a moron.

  3. He’s just a fountain of knowledge in Mississippi.

  4. PoosumJenkins

    While I am of the conservative mindset I’ll be the first to admit Santorum isn’t it. Thanks to the ineptitude of the Democrats for the last 4 years (more if you count the years they controlled Congress since 2006), we need a president with a BUSINESS sense to steer us in the right direction. Quite frankly at this stage of the game, overturning Roe v Wade and allowing gay marriage is not going to save the country. Now on to global warming/global cooling/climate change. The fact is that the earth has not suffered the dramatic effects warned about by activists for the last 30 plus years. The claims people like Al Gore are making now were made back in the late 70’s, where they warned that by this day (2012) we’d all be under water. So just admit it, it ain’t happening. However, if you must continue, the liberal path of abruptly stopping oil and coal is unrealistic. Heck, the Chevy Volt (when it’s not suddenly erupting into flames after its battery being tapped) requires electricity which is produced by coal burning powerstations. A majority of the clean energy companies touted by this administration are failing or have already failed. You want to find alternatives? Simple. Allow for more oil and natural gas refining/drilling in the U.S. We increase our supply so we are not sending valuable money to the middle east. An increase in supply means gas costs less. Then, all this extra money can then be used to effectively find alternatives. We keep following the liberal desire to just snap their fingers and ban all fossil fuels and all we’re doing is paying foreign countries for oil and giving friends of liberals nice paychecks while their sorry clean energy companies go broke.

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