Poll shows Manzullo and Kinzinger tied as their war of nasty attack ads continues

As it happens, Applesauce World Headquarters finds itself situated in the 16th Congressional District of Illinois, where two incumbent Republican lawmakers are waging a mean-spirited fight for their party’s nomination.

Don Manzullo and Adam Kinzinger are vying with each other to stay in Congress because the districts they currently represent were remapped after the 2010 census. Kinzinger found himself in a more Democratic district, so he moved into the 16th to challenge partymate Manzullo.  And the two of them are going at it hammer and tongs with vicious TV ads.

Roll Call, a political news organ published in Washington, SAYS “the seething hate between Kinzinger and Manzullo [is] palpable,” although Kinzinger publicly insists that the two of them “are friends.”

The Hill, another Washington political publication, SAYS a recent poll shows Manzullo and Kinzinger virtually tied. That suggests that the momentum is with Manzullo, who was trailing by 13 percentage points in a survey conducted a month ago by the same pollster.



  1. Neftali

    For whatever its worth, the Rockford Tea Party endorsed Manzullo, and for some odd reason appears to have a vile hatred for Kinzinger. Such is the status of extremist politics these days.

    As for me personally, I think both candidates are worthy to represent Applesauce World Headquarters, and I’ll happily vote for this Tuesday’s victor in the fall.

    Its a shame that the Illinois redistricting forced these two to face off against each other. Both parties do it each other in various states when they have state control during census time. Its a darn shame. I buy into the argument that “elections have consequences” every 4 years during Presidential elections. But having consequences every 10 years seems a bit too much to me.

  2. Neftali: You’re wrong when you say that “the Illinois redistricting forced these two to face off against each other.”

    When the remap placed Kinzinger’s residence in a district that was presumably more Democratic, he picked up and moved to the newly redrawn 16th District. He wasn’t “forced” to run against Manzullo. It was purely a matter of choice. In effect, then, Kinzinger is a carpetbagger.

  3. gladys st.john

    Two comments: (1) that the Rockford paper would endorse Manzullo presents a “duh” moment. It has written scathingly of Congressman Kinzinger from the outset. Not much hiding the bias. (2) much of the new 16th district is a combination of the two Congressmen’s previous districts; however, Manzullo has a 14% greater population carry-over than does Congressman Kinzinger. Kinzinger is as able to represent the new 16th as is Manzullo. Just because Manzullo has been in office long past his effectiveness, and far past when he himself said he would leave does NOT present a compelling case for him to stay. There is no “entitlement.” Congressman Kinzinger offers new, strong leadership to the conservative cause in Congress and needs to be re-elected.

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